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Peanut Butter Cookies

.:about the blog:.

this here space is filled with dreams & recipes for soup/ice cream/cake/,cookies everything & i'm deciding which i'm really hungry for.

in the olden days of this blog i made pretty much everything, and i still do, but there is a bit more direction now. i tend to lean towards whole foods, organic living, and providing a nourishing table for my loves. i dabble in soaking, i might get into fermenting eventually, but everything here is an honest intention.

you will find plenty of asian foods, meat filled dishes, vegan and vegetarian options, baked sweets (of the gluten free and dairy free varieties at times!), but always, always from my heart.

sometimes i include crafty stuff, like yarn creations.


.:about us:.

this is me & dw. i talk about him often. he does some of the cooking & baking, prop holding, ego boosting, taste testing and sometimes if i whine hard enough, he proofreads my writing. i'm serious when i say that i talk about him a lot, i'm sorry about the gushy stuff, let's accept it and if you must, you can skip those posts when they pop up.

strike a pose
photo c/o dw

.:about me:.

hello. my name is Lan. it's a very common vietnamese name that means orchid. i live in maryland, where i see the seasons change, the days blend into the other. i dwell in the city but dream of wide open spaces sometimes.

i do not have any experience in the food industry, save for the 3 years i worked in a bagel shop during college and the 3 months i waited tables for extra cash some years ago. i didn't receive my first digital camera until i was 30 and it took off from there. most of the time i have no idea what i'm doing, i go towards beauty and truth and try not to waste the light.

for whatever reason, you’re here and i’m glad. please, stay awhile.

contact: angryasiancreations {at} gmail {dot} com