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Friday, February 22, 2013

fruit tart: linzer cookie crust + lemon pastry cream

Vegan Fruit Tart

it is 11:30am in the morning. i'm working from home and i've stepped away from my desk, in the warm loft room where the mid day sunshine is streaming in, and whipping together a quick dessert, something sweet, something tart, just for my sweetheart. the tiny urban kitchen i spend the bulk of my home life in is steamy, there is a pot of potpourri simmering, giving off a heady aroma of citrus and rosemary. i'm trying to roll out the cookies but the dough is crumbly, dry. i can feel the despair creeping in my belly, insidious and gaining in force as i'm trying to salvage the dough pieces falling off the rolling pin.

it's finally reached a point where i cannot save the dough but i am unwilling to chuck it. plus, there's a conference call i need to call into. so i go back upstairs, dejected, with a cup of coffee in hand, my lower lip undoubtedly in a pout. and i can't concentrate. amidst planning to attend two college fairs, and reviewing resumes, as well as being present during the online meeting, i'm silently lamenting over the botched linzer cookies. i don't know about anyone else, but wasting food is not fun, especially when the ingredients used are hard or expensive to come by.

Vegan Fruit Tart

finally, it's time for lunch and while i prepare a simple chả lụa sandwich, i also have the kitchenaid mixing up the 2nd batch of cookies, that will, damnit, be a success!, i am sparked by genius. a tart. i have learned that i prefer cookie crust tarts, and so this fruit tart was born. in keeping in line with the ingredients in the dough, i decided the filling would be vegan as well. honestly, a curd would be just as lovely, topped with fruit of course, or a custard-based pastry cream.

moral of the story: have a Plan B, friends. it saves lives.

tart recipe

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  1. I love cookie crust tarts too! Your Plan B looks lovely!

  2. We made linzer tortes/tarts at school for Christmas. Ours were raspberry, but I thought that lovely crust was crying out for pastry cream. Cut to now: you go and shove some awesome lemon pastry cream into a linzer crust and make my life complete. Nicely done, lady.

  3. Brilliant choice. And I simply adore the wee individual tarts...probably because a single portion like that would help me to not shove a whole big tart in my face!

  4. It's unbearably frustrating when a recipe fails- I feel as though I've taken a blow to my ego (as well as my wallet).

    Your plan B is brilliant! I'm all about the cookie crust too. :)

  5. These look so delicious that I may need to make them for dessert tonight! And I just bought fresh blueberries yesterday, so I think it's a sign. Gorgeous photos, but my favorite is the middle one -- so perefectly shot & styled.

  6. Hey Lan!

    hi from Buenos Aires! I stumbled across your blog while commenting on Shanna's - and because you're always there among the loyal commentators, i popped right over the check out your space, and was very taken with your words and style of putting thoughts to paper (or blog in this case).

    just wanted to say your voice makes me like you from the start - just like Shanna´s.

    Anyway, i've been dreaming of making fruit tarts these days - you have no idea how much they've been invading my thoughts.

    I came across yours and want to try it, and was wondering what I can substitute the spelt flour and soy cream with (for the lemon pastry cream)?


    1. Hi Felicia, welcome, thank you so much for visiting. You are too kind.

      Spelt flour can be used in lieu of all purpose flour, and vice versa. 1:1 ratio. Instead of soy cream, use heavy cream, full fat milk or half/half.

      Honestly, if you're not vegan or lactose intolerant, make a custard based pastry cream filling. Let me know if you need reccos for that. Good luck.