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Thursday, August 30, 2012

lately + rochester

high falls quote
high falls, Rochester, NY
dmb quote
lake ontario
garbage plate
faded blue circles

we woke up friday morn like it was any other work day,
with lead feet.
we drove straight thru PA to the
tippy top of NY.

did you know that that part of
the country is beautiful?
that despite the proximity to
it gets super hot,
like a blister in the sun hot?

dw showed me his home
the streets he traversed
the hospital he was born in
his elementary school
most importantly,
a dish that we are now determined to

i won't lie to you:
i did not want to come home.
i wanted to point the car northward,
and adventure into new territory
with dw.

instead, we are home now,
and the last days of summer are


i'm currently reading
this book
it's basically flipping me out.
i'm re-watching this show,
and i'm right back to freshman year
all over again.
i'm supposed to be training
for a half
but the most i've run has been
5 miles,
2 weeks ago.

i have big plans for the month of
if they translate in photos
i will share
here or there.
how's your end of 
summer shaping up?


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  1. Lovely photos, what a perfect weekend getaway! (Love that DMB quote too)

  2. Stunning photos, great quotes and PS I love Felicity!

    1. i don't know what it is about the show, but i feel like i'm going thru the same angst and despair as the characters!

  3. Next time I visit my in-laws in Rochester, I want to go for a garbage plate. Not to eat, but to see. This is so intriguing to me for some reason! Maybe because I could figure out a way to veganize it. Your photos are all gorgeous, but the second and third ones made me gasp a little. So amazing!

    1. i don't know if i'll veganize the Garbage Plate, but i'll def see about making it much healthier!
      thank you so much, you are so kind.

  4. Too bad I didn't know you were visiting! I hope you had a nice time. Your photos are stunning! :-)

    1. tracy, i should've made an announcement on twitter that i would be in the area to see if there were any local bloggers to meet up with! next time i definitely will, and it was a wonderful time. :)

  5. How did I miss this post?!

    Beautiful photos, lovely writing, dramatic book, and adorbs TV show. :)
    (All of Jodi Picoult's novels make me think too much...and I already think too much.)

    Also, don't feel bad about not training. It's been about 10 days since I last ran or did anything remotely physical. Misery loves company. :D

    1. i was telling dw that i usually love jodi picoult's books, they rarely disappoint but i generally do not seek them out, they are TOO thought-provoking & make me highly emotional. sometimes you just want non-thinking plotlines, you know?

  6. it's hawt down here!! And our AC broke this past weekend...all fixed up thank goodness.

    Love your pictures!!

    1. girl, my AC broke last year and i had to get a new unit and it was a mess. thankfully, it's working fine but the other parts of the house... sigh. why are we homeowners? :)

      thank you, you are so kind!

  7. Beautiful post! I love your pictures... I want to walk down the street under those beautiful trees in the first picture.

    1. nami, it was wonderful strolling down that tree lined street. can you imagine autumn?? i wish we were going back just to see the colors and feel the nip in the air...

  8. I love the pictures and the little poem. Glad you're having a magical time, loved the account of your trip together. I'm a bit wistful about not being around to see summer end, although its been crazy hot here in tropical Mumbai (heavy rains and searing temperatures). I've been eating a lot of fish though, which certainly helps. Finally put together a post on Mumbai fishes. What is that dish you've put up in your post....looks sooo tantalising!

    1. hopefully when you are back, autumn will have transitioned over and you'll finally get the respite from searing temps.

      the dish is called a Garbage Plate that was created during the Great Depression. basically it's food dumped all on a plate.

  9. Lan, this is a gorgeous post, as always, and I love your photographs, but the Garbage Plate is blowing my mind! What was in the one that you had? Was the hot sauce different than others that you've had? When will you make your own homemade version? Can't wait to see/hear about it when you do!

    1. amy, thank you, your encouragement and kind words mean a lot.
      first layer was homefries/roasted potatoes + pasta salad. then we had hot dog (you had option of ground meat, hamburger or sausage, i think), topped with chili, then raw onions. some people then finish it with shredded cheese, that was ix-nayed.

      it's still super hot here in MD, so we probably won't make our version until next month, when it's a bit cooler and we're ready for hearty meals again.

  10. Oh, Lan. I love 428 Mt. Vernon. I once had a fantasy that we would buy it and run a B&B! So glad you stayed there. CBW

  11. Oh, Lan. I love 248 Mt. Vernon. I once had a fantasy that we would buy it and run a B&B there!!! Did Dave suggest it? Perfect spot. CBW

  12. Sometimes I forget about the stuff you cook, but I never forget about how your blog makes me feel. I think this might be my favorite post. Here's to pushing forward toward dreamy adventures. Here's to a happy fall.