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Friday, August 10, 2012

raw almond milk


there is a confession that
is bursting to come out of
i have been
not just about dw,
because he is so dreamy,
but about Autumn.

that remind me of grandfathers.
about the color orange
and nesting.

the abode is slowly, but surely,
taking shape.
there is talk of painting the
walls again.
i'm partial to bold colors
but nothing in between.

we have one last trip of the
i'm super excited to try
and we will see

my fantasizing has been here,
i've been dreaming of
south africa
dream big or stay home, right?

lastly, this message is so important: I hate the word ‘homophobia’. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re just an asshole.

almond milk 2

i have a simple recipe for you today. you can also make coconut milk this way, use unsweetened organic coconut flakes and go from there.

happy weekend friends.

almond milk recipe

know who else has made raw almond milk? savory simple, this is her version.

special note: this was an expensive milk. organic raw almonds cost a lot, as in, for a pound it was about $10. i made just shy of a pounds worth of milk and it yielded 8 cups. i did keep the almond meal & made a zucchini bread so i did make use of everything. but at least i know exactly what we drank.


  1. I hope we can still be friends if I tell you I don't like fall - to me, it's the death of my favorite season. But raw almond milk? Sounds like a winner in my book!

    1. i'm usually not a fan of cooling temps but this summer has been a brutally hot one... the idea of putting on layers and having hearty meals tho, that is making me yearn a little...

  2. I've been wanting to make this for so long but never got down to doing it. Do you have to peel the almonds before blending?

    1. it's really quick & easy. i find having a strong blender, like a vitamix, makes the process painless.
      you do not have to peel the almonds, altho you certain can. i have this thing about skin, i eat the skin of apples, grapes, peaches etc, for the fiber & nutrients... i don't know if almond skin has any dietary vitamins but it sure does save that step of peeling. you can also purchase already blanched almonds, tho with the process it might not be considered raw anymore.

  3. This looks so good, I love homemade raw almond milk too, but only make it every now and then due to the cost. Using coconut flakes to further flavor it sounds interesting, too.

    It's so funny you mention Garbage plates. My husband's parents are from Rochester, so I've gotten long detailed descriptions about them, and find them to be both mortifying and intriguing!

    I also love the second photo -- this style/format is so amazing.

    1. i was just telling dw that almond milk might not be something we can indulge in often cus of the price! that soy bean or coconut milk might be the usual...

      i also strangely drawn to this phenom called The Garbage plate. i will definitely be taking pix!

  4. Sigh. I love, love, love Autumn. Everything about it. It's still warm, but then it can get really cold. The colours are perfection. You get to rake leaves and buy school supplies. Blankets go on beds, mittens go with sweaters. Sometimes you get early (and very pretty) snow. There are apples and pumpkins. AND THEN? At the very end? People start putting out twinkle lights for the holidays.

    Autumn rocks.

    Your almond milk sounds delightful.

    And assholes should be banned from Autumn. They don't deserve it.

    1. seriously, it's the harshness of summer that makes autumn so magical. then it all goes to grey and you want to punch yourself to survive until spring.

      i agree, assholes shouldn't get autumn.

  5. There's another version of this milk that's a common staple in southern India - badam milk or almond flavoured milk. This is a sweet drink spiced with cardamom and at times, people add saffron to it. I love your version of it, much more soothing and I would love it chilled. See you in autumn, will be updating the blog from India until then.

    1. vinita, that is so interesting. i will confess that when i did consume dairy milk, i did not like it flavored... chocolate, maybe but i always shied away from the strawberry stuff.
      i look fwd to reading your India adventures!

    2. That drink sounds soo good!

  6. I love making almond milk, and god it's a whole different beast from the stuff you buy in a carton. Love that top pic too xx

    1. emma, i completely agree with you. there's a cleanness about the homemade version, i can't even explain. the fact that it costs so much will prevent me from making it often but when i do, it's all the more special.

  7. I've also been having African dreams. And almond-milk dreams. We're clearly on the same page again.

    1. YES!
      i wish i could say that we are actively planning a trip to africa, we're not, but i content myself with sipping almond milk...

  8. Love this post!
    Also, I just heard Toto's Africa play on the radio...nothing really to do with Africa itself, but still, a wonderful song. (And I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who loves elbow-patched cardigans.)

    Your almond milk sounds fabulous, my coffee just asked me to make introductions.

    1. i think toto's song Africa is a fantastic and it does remind me of my time there as a kid.

  9. Nothing from a Garbage Plate should pass through the lips of a person who has milked an almond!

    1. then i will see about sharing a plate with dw! :) i know i'll probably not like it, but i do want to experience this, since dw talks about it so often.

  10. I read that homophobia quote somewhere and thought it was hilarious, clever and so true!

    Love that you made your own almond milk! YUM!

    1. kristy, i love love love that quote so much.
      thank you!

  11. that is awesome that you made your own almond milk! loved this post so much!

  12. I drink almond milk regularly, but have never tried making my own! My vegan friend mentioned that she had made pecan milk before, I wonder how that would taste!