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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

raw kale pesto

Kale Pesto 3
Kale Pesto

oh hello there end of May, almost June.
i hope that you had a wonderful memorial day weekend, that we all remembered the men + women who have fallen.
dw + i officially packed up his little 3rd floor apartment, moved across town to my penthouse condo.
we're so grown up.
the heat is in full swing, we're making plans to pick berries, attend festivals, music concerts and visit with friends, local and regional.
we're also deciding between this or this.

i am glad for summer.
there is a possibility of planting a new tree.
home improvement projects. {i apologize in advance, we will be documenting such diy tasks in this here space...}
the days look bright, sunny, cheerful and more importantly to me, fun -- with him by my side.

you can follow our daily adventures on instagram. i can't promise that the pictures will be great, but i can guarantee that i'll have off the wall, crack-filled commentary.

in the meantime, i'd like to share this raw kale pesto recipe. not so much a recipe, but more of an ingredient list that should give you the inspiration to make it. use the freshest ingredients possible, organic if you can help it. use leafy greens: kale, spinach, beet greens, sorrel, parsley and pair with red tomatoes fresh off the vine, or mix with roasted chicken, or simply slathered on a chunk of toasty bread. personally, i had to stop myself from eating it right from the processor.

raw kale pesto

1 bunch of kale, washed + de-stemmed
2 cloves of garlic
pine nuts, can be roasted but i didn't bother. no exact measurement, maybe a handful? up to you
olive oil, to loosen the mixture, drizzle slowly until desired consistency is reached
dash of cayenne pepper
juice of one lemon
salt/pepper to taste

in a food processor, add the kale and pulse until all has chopped down. squeeze lemon juice in, add in the pine nuts. pulse some more. slowly drizzle in olive oil. you might have to scrape down the sides to ensure everything gets mixed in there. season with salt/pepper and dash of ceyenne pepper.


  1. I like kale, never though of making pesto with it. Thanks for the idea.
    Popsicles or waffle cones? Tough decision.
    Hope you and dw have lots of grown up fun this summer.

    1. what's great is that you can use other nuts (almonds, walnuts) and add cheese. i will admit that dw would've preferred the added dimension dairy doom would give it but i really wanted to keep it vegan & stomach friendly for me.
      we're probably getting both, EXCITEMENT!

  2. Ha! We just made something similar and I'm posting about it Friday. Love me some good kale pesto. : )

    1. it really is a great quick item to whip up & it adds such a kick to food: crusty bread, pizza, pasta, or even as a dip...

  3. 1.) Don't apologize: I can't wait for your DIY projects.

    2.) Kale! Genius.

    3.) This makes me wish I hadn't melted my food processor on the stove by accident. Sigh...

    1. yay, you're excited about the projects, i'm hopeful that we'll be starting on that soon, once we are fully unpacked!
      i wish you lived closer, i have an extra processor (merging households means duplicate toys sometimes...)

  4. Without basil doesn't that change the whole flavor? Interesting, I will have to try this out.

    1. that's a really good question... i did not miss the basil, but dw missed the tone that cheese provides... it was still really good, i promise!

  5. thank you for the inspiration! i had spinach and kale and some cilantro leftover in my fridge, and with some leftover sunflower seeds and a squeeze of lemon, they became a tasty spread for some hearty sourdough last night... and i think will grace some pasta later this week. yum!

  6. This looks delicious and your pictures are amazing. Would love for you to share your photos with us at