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Friday, April 6, 2012

Soaked Chocolate Pancakes

Soaked Chocolate Pancakes

hi hi. i'm about to tell you something that you might find odd: i'm not big on pancakes. i've said it before, it's not something i grew up, which was cold cereal and obviously, instant noodles. it was an adjustment in college when the cafeteria served the usual pancakes, waffles or french toast for breakfast.

these tho. they're chocolate, and the fact that they're pancakes doesn't count. because you see, a pat of butter is not slapped on top, nor is a drizzle of maple syrup required. i sprinkled powdered sugar on top for picture's sake but i really ate them plain, with slices of bananas. there may have been some peanut butter slathered on leftovers, but that's another gluttonous story. something that is also different about this breakfast treat is that the flour was soaked overnight. (i know, again with the soaking business!) the acid lends a tang to the taste, and dare i say it, a nice fluffiness. all i know is, i finish a stack of these and i don't feel weighted down, nor do i get bloated later. if you want to skip the soak process, don't add the acid.

Soaked Chocolate Pancakes

1 cup AP flour (or spelt, or whole wheat pastry is fine)
1 1/4 cup lactaid milk
1 TBL lemon juice or vinegar
1 tsp baking powder
4 TBL dutch processed cocoa powder
1/4 tsp salt
6 TBL veggie oil
2 tsp vanilla extract

to soak flour:
in a bowl, add 1 cup of flour + milk + acid (buttermilk is fine to use, if you go full on dairy)
cover & allow to sit over night in warm place, or for up to 24 hours.

when ready to cook up, mix the mixture, add in the rest of the ingredients and cook up pancakes like you normally would.

dw said that when the cakes are ready to be flipped, little bubbles will appear on the surface and you're good to go. time depends on how big you make your cakes.

sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy with a side of sliced bananas!


  1. I never knew you were into soaking and all that stuff too! I do that with all whole grains and legumes, and if given a choice between unsoaked whole grain and refined grains, will always go for the latter, because it's easier on the digestion, PLUS im sure you know about all the phytic acid and inhibitors issues (:

    not very often I come across recipes for soaked pancakes, and chocolate at that. hurrah!

  2. Wow, those look decadent. Especially where you've cut out a piece, it was like a rich chocolate cake. I've got to get me some spelt flour and make cupcakes and pancakes.

  3. since your soaked lentils inspired me (game changer!), I might have to start soaking everything, too.

    unlike you, though, I've always been crazy for pancakes, though I'm an absolute failure at making them. maybe these are worth another shot...?

  4. I want these for breakfast! Like right now!

  5. Don't know if I can establish a regular habit of soaking but I'm willing to give it a try for chocolatey pancakes. I see these making a breakfast for dinner appearance at our house soon!

  6. I love to have chocolate for breakfast, I always have chocolate cereal or chocolate oatmeal but I would love to eat this pancakes tomorrow! they look great

  7. shu han, yes, i've been doing the whole soaking thing off & one for a few years... this is officially my most fave soaked AND pancake recipe.

    vinita, now that you mention it, it IS like a rich chocolate cake, FOR BREAKFAST!

    meister, i think this is the best recipe to try soaking, it's easy and the results are delightful.

    maria, you must try it!

    wendi, the first time i had these, they were unsoaked and for dinner. still very good! :)

    beti, thank you. add yet another chocolate item to your breakfast repertoire!