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Sunday, April 29, 2012

mini-chocolate cakes ~ a birthday celebration


i'm a newbie to movita's world. i don't remember how i found her but since discovering her blog, i've been a fan. she turns 21 (+19) in a few days. to celebrate her finally turning legal (tho in canada, i think the legal drinking age is 18...) she is hosting a virtual cake bake off.

i have a lot of cake in the abode right now, this practicing for nuria's wedding cake thing is kicking my ass. for a bit of fun, i used biscuit cutters to make mini-cakes. now some of her hardcore fans, the ones who've been with her since Day 1 may say i'm trying to make her fat (maybe i am, she's a ballerina, she can walk on point, i can't so therefore she must consume the virtual calories i'm shoving in her face...) or that i'm trying to enter the contest multiple times (they're just angry they didn't think of it first...) but i say nay, there are pros to my entry.

  • she gets THREE cakes
  • they're miniatures, even if she ate all three in one sitting, they won't hurt her girlish figure, she's got a ballerina metabolism
  • if someone tries to steal any from her, the cakes are small enough that she could shove all three in her mouth and still be able to curse them out for trying to mug her
  • there are none. BAM!

the fine print: for judging rules, go here. groups 1 & 2 are up, i'm in group 2. GET TO VOTING. you have until tomorrow (Monday) at 8am to vote for me on every single device you can get your hands on.


  1. Inspired creation, I'm so glad we're not going head to head. Three cakes? that is cheating, only because I didn't think of it LOL

  2. Awesome idea! And they look sooo good!!!

  3. I has voted! And of course, it's for you because your cakes are beautiful. So simple and elegant. Love them!

  4. Lan, these cakes are beautiful! And I love the idea of using biscuit cutters. SO copying you on this. Can't wait to see Nuria's wedding cake - that bad boy is going to be stunning!

  5. I wish I'd seen this in time to vote... They are so elegant. I want to make a cake for J's birthday, so I think I'll poke around here first for ideas.

    1. sarah, if you need any help at all, let me know!

  6. drool.