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Friday, April 20, 2012

Lime & Cilantro Brown Rice

Cilantro + Lime Brown Rice

i don't know if you can tell by reading this here space, but i like smut novels. it's a guilty pleasure of mine dating back to when i first read Judy Blume's Forever in 5th grade. sure i had seen those steamy bosom heaving paperbacks at the grocery store before but i had never thought that s-e-x was actually written out in PRINT for all to read. as a result, i systematically devoured VC Andrews and Danielle Steele trash as a teenager. this tells you that i was a horny tramp normal adolescent pining to be noticed in a crowd of other angsty girls by the most popular boy in school, somehow rescuing me from my mundane life. this never happened, not even close. so i dropped the trashy books in college and lived the trashy life studied for my degree.

as of late, my love life has been wonderful. you guys know this. i wax poetry about dw to make up for all those years of not having a boytoy make my bosom heave. however, sometimes, when i'm in between a good novel or require some mindless reading, i revert back to my 14 year old self and grab a shitastic damsel in distress story. in real life, you can usually tell what i'm accosting my eyes & brain by my lingo... i utter throwbacks to a long gone time of tons, rakes, dukes & earls, corsets, blah blah blah. sometimes i expect bows, i might even curtsy. plus, reading about how rich white folk lived back in the day interests me. the language and storyline is straight forward. it's usually some beautiful girl without title who needs to marry well in order to be able to learn how to read but she's too tempestuous and fiery tempered for any nobleman to want to wed, much less tame. for those poetic asian books that are so en vogue and, ahem, more appropriate to read, it's all about sparrows, silk robes, jade pendants and delicate flower girls who take itty bitty steps cus their feet are bound. who wants to read that garbage?! am i right, or am i right?

homemade chipotle burrito

right now, i am reading this and it is awful and i love it. some earl dude stole the heroine's dowry and she's now stuck in a ramshackle castle in scotland. i ask you, what is she to do? other than walk around the green hills in the land of kilts with her is-it-more-red-or-brown hair blowing in the rainy breeze. i'm not telling. but i will tell you that scottish people people eat weird stuff, like haggis, which has nothing to do with today's post but everything to do with how i'm pretty ok with all cuisine, except for mexican, which is actually about today's post. keep up with that?

i'm not a fan of mexican, it's a melted cheese on meat thing, as well as the beans thing. but. chipotle i can do, tho i question if it's really mexican? either way, i dig the stuff served at chipotle. we made burritos this week, and it made me realize that there's a lot of components that goes into the dang thing. rice. beans. vegs. salsa. meat. all wrapped in a flour tortilla. like a summer roll, which is asian, which is a cuisine i definitely like.

what cuisine do you dislike or absolutely love?

Homemade Chipotle Burrito

Lime & Cilantro Brown Rice

1 cup brown rice
juice of half lime
chopped cilantro
pinch of salt
splash of olive oil

cook up brown rice as you would in a rice cooker.

add in the olive oil, salt, cilantro, and lime juice. mix.

honestly, it's to your taste... if you want it more sour, add more lime juice. you get the picture...

to make the burritos, it really depends on what you like. we made pulled chicken in the crock pot, sauteed up some green peppers with onions, added a few slivers of avocado, shredded monterey jack cheese (cabot's naturally lactose free), and a healthy spoonful of salsa. feel free to add in some corn or beans.


  1. This looks lovely, will put it on the menu for this weekend -- I think it would go well with some cilantro or mint marinated tofu.
    BTW, this whole post is hysterical, and it gave me a serious giggle fit sitting here in my jammies before work. Autumn in Scotland sounds so delightfully terrible, I may have to go get a copy!

  2. Girl, I used to devour those same smutty books back in the day. I checked out countless VC Andrews paperbacks from the library. Sounds like it was a rite of passage.

    I love me some Chipotle cilantro rice. I've tried to make it at home and I can't duplicate the magic.

  3. I loved "forever". I loved just curling up in a sofa with one of these smutty novels. Wouldn't mind doing that now still to be honest.

    The rice sounds great, I love cilantro. Trying to think of what cuisine I really hate but none comes to mind. I'm too greedy to hate any kind of cuisine, but something may come to mind later.

  4. I absolutely love cilantro lime rice!

  5. You're hilarious. Also? Burritos are a major pain to make at home! SO MUCH STUFF goes into those things. It's one of the only foods I've sworn off cooking myself, because I always get so annoyed.

    I don't think there's a cuisine I don't like (though there are plenty I've not tried yet), but my favorites are Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Latin American, ... and can we make "New American" an option?

  6. That rice sounds so good. It makes me crave Chipotle-esque food, however one might classify it.

    I go through phases with cuisines, so I don't know that there are any I've tried that I really dislike. At the moment, I am a little sick of anything that involves coconut milk, though.

  7. Yum! Love the green tones, reminding me of the budding green on treetops. Loved Judy Blume, Georgette Heyer and yes, stories of corsetted girls and counts/dukes/etc who could tame them...however, I have biographies on my reading list right now. Sighs!

  8. Great recipe though not a huge fan of cilantro.. will probs replace with chives ^^"

    The one cuisine I can't seem to stand is Indian, mainly because I absolutely detest cumin -.- and not a big fan of ginger either. Love eating Japanese/Korean food though.

  9. Every once in a while we dream of a prince charming who'd come to rescue it loads of dishes to wash, or an event to organize, or a heart broken. We need to be soothed from time to times when there is no prince to rescue us, I know of 1 that will always save the day : a hearty meal. This recipe can just start to brighten my mood. =) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Smutty novels are what I used to read back in high school and college's something about girls and that age. Of course, I still grab a Danielle Steel whenever I feel like it now because I love reading extremely sappy books and then wondering why I ever read that crap once I'm done.

    Mexican food is not easy to throw together at all...they really have too many components to their meal. I'd settle any day for good ol' pastas, simple Indian food or Asian noodles. Love your brown rice recipe!

  11. erinwyso, ooh paired with cilantro or mint marinated tofu sounds fab. (PS. if you can, borrow the book! not worth actually buying...)

    wendi, the brown rice at chipotle is rather uninspiring so homemade is great... i have not tackled the white rice tho..

    shu han, wasn't FOREVER just the best SMUT ever?

    elizabeth, ME TOO.

    meister, it's so good tho, especially when you know what's in it...

    tiffany, agreed. i fall back on coconut milk often myself cus it's safe but i agree that it's used entirely too often.

    vinita, i can never get into biographies... but i do enjoy watching it... hope we can still be buddies! :)

    vivian, no to cilantro? wow. i guess chives would be fine, tho it's stronger in taste i think. it's a shame you don't like indian food, they have so many varieties and the bold flavors are always so pleasant.

    my fudo, thanks for stopping by!

    beetle, i don't feel guilty at all for reading smut, tho sometimes reality smut makes me feel dumb, so i know how you feel...