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Friday, April 13, 2012



i am sitting here huddled from the cold. it's been a breezy 60something degrees here this week, very springlike, yes, but when she came in with the elephant march of sunshine last month it led all to believe that the succeeding weeks would be like thus. and that is how Spring led us astray. dw & i took a walk one evening after work, our hands clasped so tight against the wind. we sat among tulips, my favorite, while the sun moved lower in the sky and turned it a dusty grey-blue.

we are packing and moving, the stress of it slowly creeping on us. dw often caresses his thumb along my furrowed brow, a habit i've picked up as of late, and he rests his head on my cheek to slow me down as i barrel thru the days. i am merely trying to survive, while he is valiantly trying to keep me steady.

this is not a recipe or creative post, i hope to have a couple next week. in the meantime, a few links for you.

this song has been on repeat, i love it so much. I need a graceful, proud way to let go/To smile and accept the things that you don't know.
this will be on next week's menu, yum.
i dare you to not melt from this beautiful post from a yarny mama to her baby boy.
i'm kinda sorta really keen on the idea of being an urban chicken owner.
i'm obsessed with this blog and this blog. totally different but excellent reads.

last, i've jumped on the instagram bandwagon. look me up at angry_asian.

happy weekends friends.


  1. 1. I hadn't seen Eat This Poem before - thanks so much for the link. Gorgeous, gorgeous blog.
    2. Katherine over @ Eggton is the bomb, and I think she's coming to live with me.
    3. I just followed you on instagram. Please post pictures of cats.
    4. And finally, best wishes for the move and the new journey that awaits...

  2. Should I join this Instagram thing? I take such boring photos...

  3. Awesome photos! Looking forward to the recipes whenever you return...good luck with the move and thanks for all the interesting reads.

  4. brilliant links. I just read eggton and am laughing at the screen (:

  5. I shall find you on Instagram! Where are you movin' too?

  6. movita, i love that you listed your comment. i like lists.

    meister, yes. do it. i am obsessed with instagram.

    vinita, i'll still be around! :)

    shu han, isn't she so so so awesome?!

    hogger, just across town! :)