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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

vegan peanut butter cups

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

i am just now surfacing from a cold. the human body is amazing -- the amount of mucus it can produce is mind boggling, and yet the human body's inability to deal with tissues is as equally puzzling. i tried a neti pot for the first time, to lackluster results, along with the biggest mess in the bathroom. but i persevered and attempted it again the next day, this time opening my nasal passages so that i remembered what it was like to breathe properly. it was a revelation.

and so all last week i lived off of cough drops, had a perpetual runny nose, and could barely taste anything i ate. i started feeling better friday night, and all in good time too, for i had these beauties to create. it was nuria's birthday this past weekend and her gentleman friend requested the chocolate + peanut butter combo. what's so great about this dessert is that no cooking or baking is required, it's easy, it looks impressive and most importantly, it tastes amazing.

vegan peanut butter cups
makes exactly 12

1 bag of (about 12oz) semi sweet chocolate chips
1 container of organic firm tofu
5 TBL powdered sugar
3/4 cup organic peanut butter
splash of soy creamer

clean/new paint brush
12 silicone cupcake liners
icing bag
1M tip (optional)

in a double boiler, melt the chocolate chips. as you progress you will have to warm up the chocolate mixture every so often.
when the chocolate is shiny and nicely melted, scoop 2 tsp of chocolate in a cupcake liner. with the paint brush, "paint" the chocolate up the sides, getting thru the nooks. it'll be thin, that's ok. do this for all 12 liners. put in fridge to harden.

meanwhile, make the peanut butter tofu in a food processor. this process is all about texture and consistency. you want it to be firmer than how the peanut butter pie was, but the method/gist is the same. add all ingredients in, mix until fully incorporated. put in icing bag along with 1M tip, or any tip you want to use.

take cupcake liners out, they should be hard. do another coating of the chocolate. i did 2 layers, but you can make a 3rd layer if you want. be sure to keep in fridge to harden completely. carefully pull the silicone back and pop the cups out. it seems fragile but it's quite durable. 

when ready to serve, pipe in peanut butter tofu filling. garnish with shavings if you like, or just plain. either way, they're adorable.


i'm currently learning Light Room 3. as a result, some photos may come out looking... off. any pointers/tips would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I'm sorry about your cold ): that said, glad you foudn the energy to make such cute little peanut butter cups. no idea how to use lightroom at all, no help there :/

  2. Your chocolate work looks stupendous. I hope the Easter Bunny remembers to drop some peanut butter eggs off at my house this year.

  3. I need to try Light Room myself. These look so yummeh. Hope you're better!

  4. Oh goodness, feel better! I can't believe you can make beauties like this even under the weather. When I'm feeling down & out all I want is gallons of takeout egg-drop soup!

  5. What a great idea -- I love the technique you used here (I always wondered how that chocolate shell was achieved) -- so pretty!

  6. Very pretty! I like the components of the peanut butter mixture. If I wasn't sitting all huddled in bed already, I'd be up making these.

    I've heard Lightroom is so much better than even Photoshop with its batch edit functions etc. I'm still recovering from the tiresome process of learning to work with Photoshop so I'm not venturing into Lightroom yet. Sorry, that means no tips. What were you using before this? To be honest, your pictures looked much better before Lightroom.

  7. shu han, it's ok. i will muddle my way thru lightroom. :)

    wendi, noted! when you come over for dw's demonstration, i'll see about whipping up something like this for you.

    hogger, thank you!

    meister, i had about a week to recover, it was slow going but well worth the effort.

    erinwyso, thank you, and it was so easy too!

    beetlebuggy, i was using but it's being folded into google... i've been using it for a few years so i'm bit more skilled with that tool... i hope to get better with lightroom.

  8. These look so cute! I haven't experimented with puréed tofu yet, but these look straightforward enough (if fiddly). I like your photography style a lot. :)