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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mint Chocolate Cake

Mint Chocolate Cake

it was dw's birthday over the weekend. for his family & friends, his birth is a joyous thing, one that is noted and most welcomed. for me, for my selfish heart, his being & his place in this world my world is absolute, and i intend to celebrate with happy abandon every year, for the rest of our lives together.

correction. i intend to celebrate him everyday. because everyday with him is wonderful.

Mint Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Mint Cake
adapted and inspired by (Ovr) Exchange

dw is not lactose intolerant, so he requested a full fat, full on-dairy doom confection.

for the chocolate cake, i used a tried & true chocolate cake recipe, also found here. i used a 6X3" pan. bake time was difficult to decipher, it was probably about an hour, leftover batter went into 6 cupcakes which baked for about 25 minutes.

5oz semi-sweet chocolate
5oz milk
1 TBL butter

Place chocolate pieces in a bowl. Warm milk to very hot, do not scald. Pour over the chocolate. Allow the chocolate to warm thru, stir mixture. once it is fully combined, add in the pat of butter. mix until smooth & shiny. set aside to cool, but keep an eye out.

Vanilla-Mint Frosting
4 oz of cream cheese, at room temp
5.5oz powdered sugar
splash of milk
2 tsp peppermint extract
1 tsp vanilla extract

in a mixer, mix cream cheese until soft & smooth. sift in powdered sugar. splash of milk to loosen if needed. add in the extracts. mix until well combined, you want it to be light & fluffy.

Peppermint Whip
5 oz heavy whipping cream
1/2 tsp peppermint extract
1 TBL powdered sugar

in a mixer, with a whip attachment, whip all ingredients until light & fluffy.

Chocolate Shavings
4oz semi-sweet chocolate

melt chocolate, bain marie style. spread chocolate on piece of parchment paper, make it as thin as possible. roll up paper and place in freezer.

to assemble:

cut the cake into two even horizontal layers. place first layer on serving plate. wrap a piece of acetate around the cake, securing with a bit of frosting (i used cream cheese). pour the semi-cooled ganache over the cake layer. place in fridge immediately to firm up. when that's firmed up enough, remove cake for the next layer. with the use of a piping bag or gallon-size freezer bag (which is what i used) pipe frosting on top of ganache. somehow i started in the middle, working my way out. the original poster started on the outside. either way is fine.

place remaining layer of cake on top, pressing down gently. pile on the peppermint whip cream on top.

remove rolled chocolate sheet from from freezer, do not unroll. instead gently crunch the paper while holding the end over top of the cake. the shavings will release & slide down tube. (it's quite genius, really).

place in fridge until ready to serve. best cold, rather than room temp.

thanks Lynette for your help with this!


  1. The cake is absolutely gorgeous and certainly befitting the beautiful things you're celebrating. :)

  2. Happy birthday to dw! What a beautiful cake to honour your man with.

  3. Hi, loved the cake pics - reminds me of a Black Forest cake (probably the chocolate shavings on cream frosting). Am a little daunted by cake recipes from scratch but really want to make one. What's a good cake recipe when you want to start baking?

  4. I love how crazy you are about that guy. I also love how you manage to make these absurdly beautiful things!

    <3 Happy birthday to your squeeze.

  5. Mint and chocolate and two flavors that are unlike any other. Absolutely delicious.

  6. Celebrate every day. Maybe not with a cake of dairy destruction but with your heart.

  7. tiffany & maria, thank you! and he is eating the ENTIRE thing by himself. this is man is amazing.

    vinita, the cake recipe i used for this is my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe, it is my go-to recipe. the link is in the post. it is easy and the ingredients are staples to a baking kitchen. just be sure to measure out everything first, sift and go step by step, don't rush. also, i tend to UNDERbake my cakes, i like them soft & moist, so they can remain that way even days after. it has been 6 days since i baked this cake and it's still delicious. let me know if you need more tips!

    meister, thank you. i tell dw that either you guys are going to be sick of hearing about him OR you're going to plot to steal him away from me! :)

    elizabeth, i agree, chocolate + mint really is a great combo.

    wendi, my sentiments exactly.