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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

deviled eggs + smashed avocados

Devil Eggs + Avocado

the schizophrenic change of weather tells me that spring is making her presence known. mornings have a slight chill, the dawn still grey from the departing night. the extra hour every afternoon is most welcome, allowing for twilight walks before dinner, basking in the golden glow of the setting sun. i nurse a steaming cup of tea during my 10am meeting, while in contrast, in the evening i lazily sip a cool beverage, homemade carbonation of course. i can't help but give into the polarizing sway of spring, frigid one minute and searing hot the next.

tulip 2012

this past weekend was a life lister for me, dw & i completed our first half marathon. it's debatable if i'll ever run such a distance again, but it was quite the experience. we attended a concert that evening, standing around for two hours. i have learned that i am capable of hoofing it for 13.1 miles and then stay on my feet, sometimes dancing to the beat, in a crowded concert venue. the day after, a walk (albeit, a hobbling one) thru my favorite garden. the trees were in blossom, the tulips just a whisper kiss away from full bloom and my beloved read aloud a story. and then this. the most perfect snack to nosh on while sitting under a tree, petals falling all around, kids running barefoot and the breeze just hinting at the most beautiful season to come.

deviled eggs + smashed avocados

six eggs, hard boiled. peeled & halved
1-2 tsp dijon mustard
1/2 ripe avovado, smashed
salt/pepper to taste
sprinkle of paprika
1 TBL diced red onion or spring onion

scoop yolk out & place in bowl. with a fork mash it a bit. add in the ingredients, along with the avocado. mix but you still want the texture of the avocado & yolk. put back in the holes of the white part of the egg.


  1. I love your life list, and I also LOVE the idea of deviled eggs with avo. My squeeze is crazy about both: Put them together, and his head might explode.

    (Congratulations on the half marathon! I have my first one coming up next month and I'm really starting to get nervous...)

  2. What a happy post! I love that second photo and omg you ran a half marathon?!? Soak it up, lady -- you deserve all of this.

  3. Super yummmy! Cannot wait to get avocados and have two delicious appetizers - guacamole and deviled eggs a la avocado! :) I love spring too...cannot wait to take in some cherry blossoms in NYC.

  4. What beautiful pictures, love the one with the book. Awesome stuff on finishing your half-marathon, always admired people who run these and I've been meaning to do so as well, just need good company to do so.

    Love that you used avocados to get the creamy texture instead of the usual mayo. I've been breaking my head over recipes to use avocados besides salads and smoothies.

  5. love the feeling of this post. So beautiful!

  6. meister - thank you, good luck on yours. don't be nervous, have fun, run strong, run safe!

    jaqui - thank you kindly, it is a great feeling to complete a life list.

    vinita - it's a wonderful combination, add it to beautiful weather and you're in a winning situation.

    beetlebuggy - i could seriously eat avocados every day, all day, it's such a fantastic versatile fruit!

    anh - thank you!