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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crock Pot Honey Soy Sauce Chicken

Crock Pot Honey Soy Sauce Chicken

it's been a manic time here in this space, in my life. making it thru this season in one piece with minor tantrums & tears would be considered a miracle. i won't bore you with the details, the fruits of the hysteria will more than likely make an appearance here anyway. because i am so busy and tired, listless and directionless, stretched thin of patience and time, i'm sharing a very simple recipe for a week night meal. i did not measure so the proportions listed are guesses. sorry about that. just taste it before you add the chicken & you'll be fine. as always, use the freshest ingredients possible, and organic of course.

naturally, despite all this, i still manage to gawk a few things. what i've been obsessing over lately:
basketweave icing tutorial (you're effing welcome, FINALLY, a post that shows how to make this cake design, even if it is in spanish.)
chunky/bulky cowl - i'm pretty sure this is knitting, which i need to get back into, cus crocheting is just not getting me this kind of bulky stitch
don't be like the rest of them darling - henry rollins said it better but you know, some people require packaging. cut yourself from stone.
most of my daydreams can be seen on my pinterest. play along, won't you?

Crock Pot Honey Soy Sauce Chicken

Crock Pot Honey Soy Sauce Chicken
adapted from Very Culinary who adapted from here.

1 lb skinless/boneless chicken thighs
1/4 cup honey
1/4 soy sauce
half onion, diced
1 TBL tomato paste, loosened with a smidge of water
2 cloves of garlic, minced
healthy shake of red pepper flakes
salt/pepper to taste

the night before, mix everything in crock pot bowl. get your hands dirty, rub that sauce all over the chicken. cover and leave in fridge. when ready to cook, set on low in crock pot for 3-4 hours.

since this cooks for just 3-4 hours if you've a timer, set it to start 4 hours before you get home from work, or if you're lucky like dw & able to come home during lunch break, start it then.

serve with brown rice, garnished with diced green onions.

a very similar chicken crock pot concoction: Sticky Chicken Thighs


  1. When you said honey, soy,and tomato I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. But seeing it, it makes beautiful sense.

    This is going in the folder!

  2. When I see it, it reminds me of a clay pot chicken recipe I've seen in a cookbook. Looks great and I love a slow-stewing chicken.

  3. Brilliant. I love the rich color of the chicken, and I can only imagine how succulent it would have been after a dip in the crock pot.

    Yet another recipe of yours I'm eager to try.

    Hope you're well. Spring has me out of sorts, too. Hang in there, Lan.

  4. wendi, it did sound weird at first, didn't it? i clearly cannot communicate verbally sometimes...

    vinita, yes, it's very much like clay pot chicken, which i've made before and it's delightful.

    jeff, you are always so awesome.

    elizabeth, thank you.

  5. Just wondering if the ingredients are meant to cover the thighs at all and if so, by a lot or only just?

    Thanks in advance :)

    1. Just very barely let it cover the chicken.