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Friday, February 10, 2012

love | Nuria + Jesse

Nuria + Jesse
couple - without frame
Nuria + Jesse
date - color

it is february already. in fact, valentine's day is in a few days. if you're anything like me, you're wondering where the days have gone. the slumberous hours of winter have gone with nary a sign of slowing down. soon it will be spring and with it, the day this young couple will join hands and become husband + wife. it's beautiful, isn't it? their love. they're beautiful, in love.

for their wedding invites, they asked me to snap a few shots. on a cold, very blustery december afternoon we met at the johns hopkins campus. i gave us 30 minutes to make magic. these images were what came of that.

ain't love grand?
happy weekend lovies.


  1. Wow! Beautiful photos - lovely couple. :)

  2. grate pictures Hunger! Moltes felicitats a la parella!

  3. What an awesome idea, love it! Great shots.

  4. SKM, aren't they?! :)

    meister, yes love is wonderful.

    dave, you are hilarious. thank you.

    mingue, muchos gracias.

    emma, thank you!

    the happy glut, thanks.