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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hot Milk Cake With Meyer Lemon Buttercream + 3 words

Hot Milk Cake + Meyer Lemon Curd

i didn't grow up in an "i love you" household. in fact, i didn't utter those three words until i was out of the house. and despite not hearing it often, or vocalizing it at all until i reached adulthood, i have no problem saying them out loud... i love you. see. easy. not that my love is easy, or that i am quick to spout it out.

i believe that i should not waste the light, when the moment presents itself: do something, be something, say something. be sincere about it, because an authentic heart can never falter.

february is a hard month in the winter, merging eventually into the milder days of printemps but still holding onto the memory of bitter winds & maybe even snow. it is also the month that has a day that celebrates love. take it or leave it, valentine's day is a fixture during this time. for dw & me, it is the month we met and for me, it is the month i fell in love with him.

happy love day friends. but most importantly: happy 1 year dw. i love you, you are my heart.

the Loving ~ Hot Milk Cake

Hot Milk Cake with Meyer Lemon Curd & Lemon Curd Buttercream

Hot Milk Cake: recipe from Miette. i will not post the recipe, because it is super long & detailed, tho i did find it online.
Lemon Curd Buttercream: again, recipe from miette and not posting. i will say to use real butter. i used soy margarine and the oils did not gel quite right. it was a dream to spread tho.
Meyer Lemon Curd: recipe from anthimeria

*note*: poem is from an episode of Cold Case, Best Friends 2005. to view, start at 1:08

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  1. An authentic heart can never falter. Girl you are making me weep this morning.

  2. What a sweet post to read first thing on Valentine's morning. I love love!

  3. "i believe that i should not waste the light, when the moment presents itself: do something, be something, say something."

    Loveliest words I've read in ages. Thanks, Lan.

  4. Mmm to that cake. And Awwww to your words. Happy anniversary month!

  5. Sweet. We are similar in the growing up situation. Happy first to you two!

  6. Beautiful. :) My husband and I always celebrate Easter as our anniversary and yeah - Easter can arrive in March or it can be in April. We just don't remember when we fell in love, just that chocolate peanut butter eggs were likely consumed and that dates don't matter as much as the WONDERFULNESS of being in love. :)

  7. mm hot milk...something about that just makes me know it will taste amazing...and I too, grew up in an "I love you"-less household as a child..but now that I've gotten older, my brother and I are way more comfortable saying it to our beloved mom and grandmama.


  8. This looks incredibly yummy!! And your words - so beautiful! Happy one year! Would love if you could stop by my blog and tell me what you think of my latest! Follow me, I follow you!?


  9. I've been seeing Meyer lemon everywhere! I guess it must be really good!

  10. friends, i'm sorry for the delay in response. this was a particularly special post for me & for some reason i didn't get around to responding til now.

    wendi, weep in a good way, i hope! :)

    meister, ain't love so grand?

    maria, you totally get me. thank you.

    joanna, dw ate that cake off/on for over a week. he is so good to me.

    pickyin, and despite our upbringing, we have found love. :)

    SKM, i love your anniversary story! your love began right around Spring, when all things are new & fresh. :)

    beckymonster, isn't it so weird that we grew up not saying it much but now say it so easily?

    haute eyes, thanks so much for visiting!

    Elizabeth, they're in season for a very short amount of time. they're a cross between a lemon & orange, so they're not too tart or too sweet. that combined with their short season makes for a major influx of meyer lemon recipes.

  11. Really heartwarming post ... I can't wait to try this recipe. Keep posting!