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Monday, January 23, 2012

pop tarts on a stick ~ this year so far

Poptart on a stick
pop tart on a stick

january has been lovely so far. seriously lovely. i mean, blustery winds and frigid cold aside. warm blankets. crocheting. knee high socks. eskimo kisses. and birthdays.

celebrating birthdays are always fun, uncomplicated family time, time well spent in my opinion. for a beloved cousin one weekend we gathered together, capturing moments of unbridled laughter, maybe even some good natured ribbing, but mainly for sweet moments shared.

as a gift, a token of my affection for kim, i made pop tarts on sticks. anything mini or bite-size are instantly adorable and these were no different. super easy to make, especially, when you buy the pie dough (!) and use already in the fridge staples like homemade nutella or making use of just that last tidbit of jam that's not quite enough for a piece of toast but just the perfect amount for miniature sweet treats like pop tarts. i made use of the last of my bluebarb jam & gingered rhubarb jam with honey. once baked and slightly cooled, slather with a smidge of milk-icing and top with colorful sprinkles. adorable much?

Pop Tart on a stick

Pop Tarts on a Stick
as originally featured on the Kitchn from Babble

lollipop sticks, the round white ones or if you can find, the flat wooden popsicle ones
1 prepared pied dough, i used immaculate baking co. pie crust
filling: used jam and nutella
glaze: 1/4 powdered sugar (more or less) with splash of milk
egg wash, as needed

preheat oven to 400F.

make sure the pie dough is at room temp, makes for easier unrolling and handling.

lightly dust counter top with flour. place dough on top. using a biscuit cutter of size & shape of your choice, cut out pieces. i used square and circles.

on cookie sheet, place first layer down, not too close. place sticks about 1" on the dough, lightly tapping to indent. put in a small glob, maybe about 1/2 tsp of filling, of your choice, in the middle. around the edges, dabble with a bit of egg wash. put on second layer of dough on top. press edges to seal, with a fork create a border around shapes.

bake for 8-10 minutes, until lightly golden.

allow to cool before transferring, gently to wire rack to cool completely.

in a bowl, add the powdered sugar with splash of milk. you want a nice thick consistency, not too watery. slather on top of tarts and sprinkle with jimmies. allow to harden before handling.

i ended up with about 20 pop tarts and leftover dough was turned into a gallette that served two.


  1. Adorable. I'm still yet to bake anything cute on a stick, but this reminds me that it's on my list of things to do!

  2. Adorable much? Absolutely. I hope the bits of jam from those jars appreciated the destiny they fulfilled as part of these morsels.

  3. Thanks for making these! You're the best!

  4. That. Is. Too. Cute. I'd have to re-create my personal favorite Pop-Tart flavor, though: Brown-sugar cinnamon!

  5. I love your January.

    I feel that presentation would cause me to consume more than my share of Pop Tart.

    I've also never tasted an actual Pop Tart.

  6. Awww great to hear you're having a lovely time so far! Fun family get-togethers are the best :) And yes, those pop tarts are ADORABLE!

  7. This is flippin' cute! Love it combined with the cute turtle! What a fun cration!

  8. OMV. You are a genius. How clever is that!?

  9. Yes to leftover jams and nutella - of course, I would just have those on a spoon haha!

  10. leaf - pretty much anything on a stick is adorable! thank you for visiting.

    wendi - they were wonderful, much appreciated!

    kimma kim - no, you're the best!

    meister - brown sugar cinnamon are my fave too but i just did not have the capacity or time to figure out that recipe!

    maria - you must try it... they have organic versions now, tho really, you have to consume the fully processed bad for you stuff first.. :)

    beetlebuggy - thank you. just january was wonderful!

    lou - thanks!

    yarnydays - i wish i could take credit, but alas, anything on a stick is all bakerella!

    hogger - ha! nutella on a spoon is just divine.