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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quote Ornament

Pride & Prejudice Ornament

to my dearest darling December,

i don't like that 6:45am rolls in dark and it's when i must rise.
i dislike the blustery wind and damp air (is it rain? is it snow? what is this shit?).
i loathe that it takes socks, a bathrobe layer AND two throws in my lap to warm up.
but of the 31 days you give me, a good majority of them are in celebration of something or other.
like birthdays.
holidays, whichever you may follow.
i spend minutes hours in the day daydreaming about the cookies to bake,
the cakes to decorate,
the savories to make,
the crafts to create.
then i actually do it.
this mollifies me. 

good save, December, you were on thin ice for a second there.

this year i made six ornaments for bigk's birthday. because that's how many came in a pack. i used lyrics from madonna & dave matthews, quotes from Harry Potter, Twilight (don't judge us!), Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and Pride & Prejudice. this craft project was inspired by this ornament i found on pinterest, tho it is no longer an item on etsy.

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  1. I have mixed feelings about December, too. But I do love the quote ornaments. :)

  2. I did this! But instead of quotes, I typed out a little "story" for my grandkids. I cut it into one long strip and stuffed it in the ornament. I am hoping they will read them on Christmas. They are very young so the stories were silly, but as they get older I can see a meaningful tradition starting!

  3. I love this. Of course, I'd be disassembling the ornament to read them all. Or maybe that's the point. :)

  4. SKM - thank you! they were so fun to make.

    Tiffany - oh how december just makes us topsy turvey! at least we have the holidays...

    lzlpio90 - thank you.

    anonymous - thank you so much for sharing your story. i think it's a great idea that you write little stories for your grandkids to read, very sweet.

    maria - it's whatever you want to do... it's fun to try to read all the passages but disassembling them would be fun too.

  5. ooh, i like this quote ornament craft! and twilight! :) yay!

    i like how you used lyrics from songs as well. i want to do this for next year's tree and give some out as gifts too

    thanks for sharing!