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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lamb Ragout ~ Comfort

Lamb Ragout

lately i've been under blankets ~ on the couch in front of the television, or in the passenger seat while dw drives and we're treking to a destination or another, or even in bed watching a show on the iPad. it's november after all! don't misunderstand, i am not complaining. i love blankets. in high school, in bangkok, i walked around with a small blanket (i know, i was strange even back then) to keep in my lap during class.

it's a comfort thing ~ snuggling under a warm comforter, with a hot cup of tea on the side table and foodtv on the tube. i might be crocheting, dw beside me reading his reddit feed, his head on my shoulder, in turn my head next to his. i suppose we could turn up the heat, but it wouldn't alter our positions much so why bother?

as of late, i've been stocking up the freezer with stew meat, making chicken stock, daydreaming about hearty, meaty stews to breathe in to, the return air rushing back to flush our cheeks as we taste a tender herby carrot, or sip a fortified broth. last night, under a blanket, with foodtv on, dw & i tucked into a ragout of lamb ~ the soft meat giving way easily as we chewed, the aroma of thyme & rosemary heavy between our nose and the bowl.

for two hours the abode had been heavily blanketed in smells of the lamb stewing in hearty vegetables and herbs, the homemade fortified chicken stock gently simmered and tenderized the contents of the pot. it was heavenly.

this is my contribution to Taste & Create, a monthly blog event that pairs up bloggers who then recreate something from their partner's blogs. my partner this time around is Tasteful Diversions, a blog that showcases both food & crafts.

Lamb Ragout

Ragout of Lamb

fyi: ragu and ragout are different things.

i combined both recipes, nixing the garlic, wine & cheese from the former, but adding the carrots & celery from the latter. from an availability standpoint, the lemon and orange rinds were left out. from a pure laziness & forgetfulness point of view, the parsley flakes and bay leaf were also left out. this was served with couscous.


  1. What a wonderful picture you painted of you and DW all snuggled up while a hearty meal stews away giving off an intoxicating aroma.

  2. It's totally time to crack out the throw blankets, slippers, and nighttime knitting projects. Oh, and *definitely* time for stew.

    You've got the right idea, as usual.

  3. I can relate. I love blankets too. If I'm at home and I'm not cooking, I'm under a blanket. Even though it's November in the southern hemisphere and it's really getting too warm for a blanket. I find it comforting too. Great idea about stocking up the freezer with stew meat. I don't look forward to my walks to the market over winter. Have you ever thought of buying half a beast? I'm not sure if it's available where you are, but here, you can buy half a lamb direct from the farmer about half the price as if you bought individual cuts in the store. We don't have a chest freezer though and I think our freezer could hold half a lamb and nothing else. Still, worth considering over winter.

    Your sauce looks amazing.

    I love the smell of stew. Who doesn't? I'll never forget the time my husband came home and thought something on our street smelled amazing. When he came through the door he was excited to find that my pot of stew was the culprit. I get major food envy when I can smell other people's dinner cooking.

  4. wendi - it's all about the comfort.

    meister - when temps dip below 45F, i start hibernating under cover & only consuming stew!

    bunnyeatsdesign - if i could buy half a beast (lamb, goat, pig or even cow) i totally would! there are some organic farmers that sell directly to consumers but it's expensive and best to go with a group of friends to divvy up the meat.

  5. This is perfect for the cold weather now. And I've been wrapped under my blanket with my laptop all these cold autumny-winter days too. Who wouldn't want to!

  6. Lamb stew looks heavenly...yum. Thanks for joining us!