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Friday, October 21, 2011

Crock Pot Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce

i understand. it's a texture thing. that's why i get it when my western peers (except for dw, who'll eat anything and everything at least twice) don't order the tripe with their pho, or how i cringed when i tried cow brains for the first time. slimy slash creamy slash subtle crunch slash goo. yeah. apple sauce can be like that. especially the way i made it this week, i kept the skins on (fiber is good for you, people!). and every spoonful has been autumn on my tongue, warm, sticky sweet without the cloy, tart without the pucker.

the night i made this, i was also making a haitian stew that turned out too ugly to photograph and pickling beets. i virtually ignored the crock pot while it stewed the apples, coating the abode with an autumn fog of cinnamon & cloves. at the end of the night (about 4 hours), before bedtime, dw caught me cave girl grunting whispering sweet nothings to it, wanting very much to dive into it face first, but the chompers were brushed and retainers in place. instead, the following day, after the entire pot had time to flavor-meld, we rough vitamix-ed it.

that was that.



  1. I love applesauce, and I think the texture of tripe is kind of awesome. Your Western friends are missing out!

  2. Lan, I can't wait to get out and pick some apples so I can turn them into applesauce too.

  3. Texture is everything to a meal - bizaare how it's so visual!