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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

as of late ...

Pennsylvania Eastern Penitentiary

the first weekend of october starts off 3 months of extensive socializing, travelling and chaos. hold on tight, it's going to be a very busy Autumn.

we spent a decadent 48 hours in philadelphia, walking in the city, the streets narrow and strewn with falling crimson leaves. the air was damp and brisk, seeping deeper than the two layers of clothing i was wearing, giving me chills and forcing me to hug closer to dw -- not that i was complaining. we ate, we were merry, we tired from the blocks upon blocks of walking, we saw sights -- oh the sights we saw! we shopped, i spied little saigon from little italy and we spent a good portion of sunday afternoon walking around there. for more philly pix.

which brings me to why we were in the city of Brotherly Love. it was to see this man perform. saturday night's show marked my fifth time seeing him this year. never mind, i had seen him 4 nights prior with friends + dw at the 9:30 club in DC. never mind, i had met him 3 days prior at a local radio station meet/greet session.

Meeting Matt Nathanson

first photo courtesy of nancy n. dw initially turned nancy turned her into a tree rather than crop her out and then i took it to a whole other level of ridiculousness. see in the corner there, that brown paper bag next to the water bottle? i made him cookies, specifically, gluten & dairy free cookies. recipe coming soon.


  1. Hahahaa, is that tree photoshopped? It's hilarious! Great photos! Looks like you had a fun first week of October Lan!

  2. Love getting your updates, I turned my coworker on to your blog and she loves it now too! She was telling me about your cookie monster cupcakes this morning so I had to come visit :)