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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Strawberry Basil Coconut Ice Cream with Balsamic Reduction

Strawberry Basil Coconut Ice Cream with Balsamic Reduction

yeah, this is yet another coconut milk-related dish. yes, i know, coconut milk when consumed in huge quantities can be bad. {so's water, it's called drowning.} just to warn you, i have another recipe coming in the next post that uses coconut milk. i spent the entire weekend during Irene's visit using coconut milk in a variety of ways, not feeling guilty, because it doesn't mess up my stomach. i have every intention of holing up in the abode with dw again, experimenting with recipes and using other dairy alternatives (as mentioned: almond, soy & kefir milks). for the sake of availability and money, i'm just doing one alternative at a time.


it's been the most perfect week, temperature-wise. dw hailing from upstate NY loves the bite in the air as we depart for work, i enjoy sleeping with the windows wide open & then getting up at 3am to shut it. it's also the most perfect time for real food: the abundant amount of fruits and veggies. it's making dw giddy.

to close this summer i created a most perfect for my stomach ice cream, using coconut milk, fresh basil, and strawberries picked at the height of the season, frozen ripe, and then drizzled with a balsamic reduction.

Strawberry Basil Coconut Ice Cream with Balsamic Reduction
as inspired by roost.

2 cans of coconut milk (caveat - i skimmed the cream off one can and discarded the water excess & used the entire contents of 2nd can. if you just want the cream, don't shake the can, allow to settle and water to drop to the bottom)
about a cup of strawberries
handful fresh basil
honey, to taste
1 cup of balsamic reduction (2 cups heated in sauce pan and reduced to just 1 cup)

in blender or vita mix, pulverize the strawberries & basil. add in the coconut milk, drizzle in honey to taste. add more basil or strawberries according to what you like in taste & color.

put in ice cream maker & churn according to manufacturer's specs.

drizzle with the reduction.


  1. I remember seeing Roost's ice cream recipe and loving it. And yes, I'll shut up about the coconut milk, because I love it too. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. pickyin - it was not directed at you darling! i've been getting some flack lately from people about my coconut milk use.

    photohogger, thank you!