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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cinnamon Swirl Bread - dairy free

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

i've made this bread before, with the addition of autumn apples and dairy products. for this recipe, i used almond milk and vegan veggie margarine. that's really all i have to say. oh, and that we ran out of eggs so i didn't have an egg wash, as a result, there are gaps between the layers. so technically, this recipe is dairy-free and completely egg-less, but still pretty good. this was our breakfast for the week.

in the meantime, it's finally the weekend again. i'm entering a cupcake contest again (remember last year when they cancelled on me at the very last hour? thankfully it's being organized by someone much better suited for the role), dw is standing in as a judge and then we're jetting to an evening wedding for a dear Broad immediately after. dw is going to have a FULL saturday! :)

happy weekend friends.


  1. This bread looks awesome. Toasted with a little honey spread on top, possibly sprinkled with more cinnamon? Don't mind if I do.

  2. I would kill that right about now! Where are you jetting off to? Sounds exciting! Have a great weekend Lan!

  3. meister - i toasted it up, slathered with veggie margarine AND then sprinkled with mor sugar&cinnamon. it was fab.

    fashionhogger - i'm wanting to make this again myself, but with chocolate instead...

  4. Love your bread! I made cinn swirl bread yesterday and it was 80% close to where I needed it to be...It didn't rise quite to where it should have and so I just have to remake it to take pics of it but the taste was on, just not the height. Your bread is spot-on perfect!