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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Egyptian Basbousa with Pistachio

Egyptian Cake

this was created for a work orientation, since my new hire is Egyptian. i made this along with a special bread pudding called Om Ali. i won't lie, bread pudding is growdy and this version was no exception. but i tried. thank goodness the basbousa came out much better. i used this recipe. i wish i can say that i will make this again but i won't. it was pleasant enough, especially after lunch and with a cup of a tea.

so let's discuss something else. like the amount of movies and random shows i've been watching lately. netflix is to blame, never mind the 2 trips to the theater i made last weekend. don't judge me.

i am number 4. i like young adult fiction. and cheesy action flicks.
my name is khan. hello bollywood. i am here to stay.
stupid crazy love. it stars ryan gosling. can you blame me?
cowboys & aliens. daniel craig. as a cowboy. in leather chaps. i mean, come on!
my so-called life. angela chase+jordan catalano=4ever
Law & Order: SVU. chilling. but hello christopher meloni.
oliver's twist. old school jamie oliver. complete with lisp but before puffiness & wanting to save America.

i could tell you about the obnoxious amount of concerts i've been going to this year but i don't want to make you jealous... or that easy for you to find me.


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  2. (1) I can't wait to see "Cowboys & Aliens." I MEAN REALLY. But my squeeze & I are hoping to manage to see it at a drive-in movie theater. You kind of have to see that movie at a drive-in, you know?

    (2) This is like the most elegant-looking little cake I've ever seen. You're way more sophisticated in the kitchen than I'll ever be! Sheesh.

    Sweet of you to bake this for a new person 'round the office, too. Muy thoughtful.

  3. Hahahaa, Netflix - so addictive I'm sure. We just moved to Boston from Toronto - so I'm going to likely follow suit soon! If you like Bollywood, I can recommend some other movies!

  4. This looks delicious! Totally hear you on watching a ridiculous amount of ridiculous things... btw you don't need Netflix, just OnDemand!


  5. I went to Cowboys & Aliens this weekend with my dad. And I have to confess, I could not take my eyes off of Daniel Craig's arse. It was slightly embarrassing. And screw the critics - I loved the movie.

  6. Thanks for your comment on Fashionhogger re HP! I'm so excited to be re-reading them, well the final books for the first time. Thanks for the link, too - it looks so interesting!

  7. my so called life!! how about some freaks and geeks?? I too have been watching way too much TV lately.. I'm on a marathon re-do of Arrested Development. So good, thanks Netflix.

  8. meister - thank you

    fashionhogger - right? and tho i gripe about the subscription hike, i've yet to change which service i want...

    bad joan - i don't have cable and i'd like keep it that way, less distractions. :)

    skm - the movie was pure fluff and Daniel Craig's rump made up for what the plot lacked. :)

    karen - dw & i are watching arrested development on dvd. it's slow going for me because i really cannot stand that family, but overall, it is such a great show.