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Thursday, July 21, 2011



it's past the middle of july. i feel like i haven't done anything, tho every single weekend since the end of March has been booked solid. you know how it is, don't roll your eyes, you're busy too. there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day to fit everything i want to do, must less need to do. it's all so tragic, isn't it?


  1. Do I ever empathize! Where has this month gone… and yet, what have I accomplished? And how much more is there left to do??


  2. I know! Summer is almost over and I feel like I've just been spinning in circles.

  3. do you happen to be a Calvin & Hobbes fan? If so, do you remember that one where it's late summer and he starts freaking out about how fleeting his remaining time is? He's just running through the frames screaming "IT'S A HALF HOUR LATER THAN IT WAS A HALF HOUR AGO!" That's how I feel most summers at one point.

  4. I know what you mean. I start a million and one projects and then wonder why they don't get finished. Write a list! It feels fabulous when you cross stuff off.

  5. @meister, it is never ending but i try not to wish the time away anymore.

    @chi wc, sigh. i do hope it slows down just a smidge, for fear that we will both be permanently dizzy :)

    @foxflat, i'm not but i'm familiar with them. what a perfect perfect perfect (and hilarious) recap tho!

    @bunnyeatsdesign, i love lists and i have strayed from that this summer...