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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

idyllic summer & a backwards flag cake

summer time berry picking
Flag Cake

in summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

repeated ~ berry picking, this time for raspberries in the early morn sun with a dear blog friend.
sang ~ or attempted to sing the Star Spangled Banner with my darling love. it was a fail but we giggled like children in the late summer nite.
sweated ~ thru the hours of the long weekend, with the fan on full throttle. the heat was scorching, the air so thick it rivaled the cake batter, but it didn't deter us from clasping hands.
watched ~ falling skies. i may have yelped in fear a few times but dw was right beside me.
baked ~ a flag cake. only i mis-timed one of the layers and as a result, had to reverse the blue part. (confession: boxed cake mix + food coloring) (redemption: the icing was from scratch & it made the cake)
bbq'd ~ by the water. there may have been some fishing, competitive croquet & fireworks.

it was a loverly holiday weekend. hope yours was as sweet.


  1. I love how you captured the long, cool driveway that hid the berry farm. The Mistah and I enjoyed our adventure with you and DW.

    PS - Your flag cake is full of awesome.

  2. Dude. I can't help it. My hands are itching to give a little push to the two girls.

  3. Ah yes, summer: Ceiling fans and cakes (backwards or not), long walks, sweaty nights, laughter. Beautiful. I love it.

  4. I'm a little tired of looking at flag cakes for the past one week but your backwards one made me smile.

  5. beautiful imagery for a beautiful weekend!

  6. wendi, it really was the nicest (& hottest) saturday morn spent with you guys.

    stephanie, right? they were so adorb.

    meister, it really is the best way to spend a summer weekend!

    pickyin, :)