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Monday, July 11, 2011

Delicious Vietnam # 15 ~ July Edition

it was with pleasure that i hosted this month's Delicious Vietnam. Delicious Vietnam is a monthly food event that gathers global food bloggers and promotes & explores the diversity of Vietnamese food. It was formed by Ravenous Couple & a Food Lover's Journey. ChiAnh of Door to my Kitchen is August's host.

bo luc lac

from baltimore, MD, i made bo luc lac for my darling love.


from Los Angeles, CA, co-creators of this event, Kim & Hong put together the ultimate snack, Chả ốc, best enjoyed with a beer and good friends.


from melbourne, australia, co-creator of this event, Anh created a lovely winter-time dinner feast to be shared with close friends & family, lẩu or hotpot.


from hamilton, canada, nina made fermented bean curd bbq chicken, fantastic finger food.


from the bay area, mai went with a sweet concoction, Taro and sticky rice pudding with coconut milk. *to clarify, she did not create this sweet dish, it's just an "overview of different dishes that can be made with/from taro" as it's one of her favorite veggies.

jack fruit salad

from San Diego, CA, Nam made a gorgeous young jackfruit salad, Gỏi Mít Trộn, perfect for this summer heat.


from San Jose, CA, pauline learned how to make banh bot loc with her aunt.

banh xeo

from Montréal, QC, Canada, mike created one of my all time favorite summer dishes: Bánh Xèo.


from Ann Arbor, MI & San Francisco, CA, Dang & Oanh combats the heat of summer with their watermelon salad & roasted pork belly.


  1. Thanks for roundup, Lan! I just want to clarify that I didn't make the taro pudding. My post was an overview of different dishes that can be made with/from taro, since taro is one of my favorites.

  2. Great roundup~ Thanks so much for your effort, Lan!

  3. Thanks for the delicious round-up, Lan. The photos really pop. I can't wait to sink my teeth into checking out each one!

  4. Omg, swoon! I'm so in awe of all of your cooking prowess.