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Friday, June 3, 2011

strawberry picking


friends, i'm in sunny california. MD is in the grips of a massive heat wave (hello 90+ degrees...). enjoy these strawberry picking pix... they've since been washed and tucked into the freezer to be made into smoothies for my AM breakfast (dw has a vitamix, how in the world have i lived my life without one of these contraptions is beyond me...) i think we will be trekking out again for more berries before the season is over because he swears by his strawberry pie, whereas i swear by mine.

Strawberry Pie throwdown, anyone?!

for more strawberry recipes, hit up:
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Strawberry Scones
Strawberry Rhubarb & Rosemary Jam
Strawberry Cake

happy weekend!


  1. I like to make freezer jam with strawberries. It tastes fresher than regular strawberry preserves and it tastes great on vanilla ice cream.

    I'm not a fan of strawberry pie :-( But I do like to throw in a few strawberries when I make berry pie or crumble. I know that makes no sense.

  2. Strawberry picking is so fun - but doing it in Cali - wow - lucky you!
    How did your HP cake turn out?

  3. so envious...9 degrees have sunshine and strawberries....

  4. dp, what exactly is freezer jam? i'm not a fan of strawberry pie, when it's done it up an apple or blueberry pie... but when it's more like a tart, i'm in!

    photohogger, strawberry picking is nice, even when the sun is beating down on you. and the HP cake was a success, i'm still waiting on pix for them.

    deb, oh! poor thing. i feel you, i really do!

  5. I love your strawberry pie recipe! I've been hardpressed to find one I enjoy but I think this is right up my alley (I can't deny a tart). Better get some strawberries soon.

  6. so much fun!! the berries look perfect!

  7. ricekernal, you will not regret making the strawberry pie, i promise. it is so so so so good.
    hope you're able to pick them!

    G, thank you!