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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

California Girl

Ferris Wheel
Santa Monica

i don't know if you know this but i was a west coast girl for about five seconds 13 months over a decade ago. i was a year out of college, i had nothing better to do than to follow a boy check out what being a beach bum was all about & well. let's just say that didn't work out (neither did following a boy).

visiting california is much better, as evidenced by a recent jaunt out that ways... to not only visit the gparents, but to meet up with my dear blogger friend wandering chopsticks. she hosted me for two evenings, showing me sights i'd never seen before, feeding me & basically selling me on the west coast life. to add to the california gurl soundtrack, i visited with a broad in the beautiful coastal town of san clemente, where the air was fresh, the water cold and the first sight i saw stepping off the train was a shirtless man rollerblading. (oh hello there sir).

i'm a lucky girl, if i wasn't with friends, i was with cousins. i'm happy to be home but i've still been dreaming of the california living...


  1. Amazing photos - sooo cali! Sounds like you were taken good care of there! Guess you wore your straw hat there? :)

  2. It's all part of my plan to get you to move out here. :P

  3. Gorgeous. I almost don't recognize it.

  4. Omg, you must have eaten so well! Thanks for the photo journey :)

  5. such a good read. and the photos are lovely.

  6. I'm an LA girl born and raised. Love your photos and next time you find yourself in LA give a shout out!

  7. photohogger - i didn't pack it, i forgot! :(

    chi wc, i knew it!!! :)

    stephanie, oh you are so lucky to have that in your backyard practically. *sigh*

    aliza, it was quite the gluttonous vacation and well worth it.

    anh, thank you.

    karen, i will, especially if i can participate in your pig roast! :)