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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

canvas print: a product review & giveaway

there is a GIVEAWAY. scroll down if you don't want to read thru. i'm not offended.

i've been thinking lately about how to write this. this blog has been around for over 3 years and i've done pretty well not doing advertising and too many gimmicky promotional stuff. any giveaways have been from me or from someone i actually know. i'm revising my stance on advertising, reviewing and partnering with various sites, depending on value and relevance to the blog. bear with me as i muddle my way thru this.

sunlight heart

today's review is from a photography standpoint. in the last year when i'm too lazy to post a recipe or i've been lax with cooking or crocheting, i've shared snaps of my days/nights/weekends. i fool around with different edits and sometimes, i just go SOOC.


a few months ago, megan of build a sign contacted me to see if any of their products would be of interest. well yes, the canvas prints interested me, personally. from a readership standpoint, i don't know, i'll leave it to you.

b+w bed

the site is easy to use, it's not rocket science to figure out how to upload pictures. what they offer that a competitor i've used before doesn't is editting options. there's some retouching you can do, color changes etc. i guess if you're not using photoshop or whatever processing software it's a nice tool to have but it's really not necessary. pricing-wise, it's pretty standard. the free canvas i received was just 8"X10", so it sits at my desk in my office, for it's a view from santa monica pier & when i'm feeling pigeon-holed, i can look at it. perfect, no?

Ferris Wheel

but as perfect as it is, i'm willing to part with it. leave me a comment about where your fave vacation spot is. i'll pick someone randomly on Friday, 6/24, 4pmEST. *this* is out of my own pocket, i will ship internationally.

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  1. My favorite vacation spot is wherever I happen to be at the moment. Cheesy I know but I don't get out much.

  2. Definitely at my aunt and uncle's farm in the bluffs of Wisconsin. We sit around the fire, cook all our food over the flames, and take walks to the top of the bluff where we can look out over the Mississippi River. Plus, the family. Can't beat that.

  3. Mine is Bali. It was the perfect getaway for me and/or family when I still lived in Jakarta. The secluded beaches are the must visits to just sit around doing nothing in peace without that touristy feeling!

  4. I totally understand not knowing how to feel about advertising and promotions; it seems like a weird double-edged sword in a way. But don't stress about it too much -- what you write & what you put out there is great either way, and wil find an audience.

    (Also, my husband just got his father a canvas-print photo for Father's Day, and it was a real hit. I think they can look so classy!)

    Just to answer the question, my favorite vacation was the trip I took to Taiwan for 7 days last summer, but my favorite vacation "spot" is probably anywhere on a long stretch of road that can only be gotten to in a rental car, sitting next to my husband, singing along to cheesy 1960s pop music.

  5. My favorite vacation spot is hmm let's see...Colorado in the spring/early summertime...the air is so fresh, the trees are lovely and there is just something so calm about the atmosphere. I honestly enjoy anywhere that I can take my journal and find a quiet spot to write in the mornings. :) <3 you Chi.

  6. since i only had 5 commenters this time around, i just put the names in a hat and picked.

    Joanna is the winner. please email me at with your shipping address & it will be sent to you!

    thanks everyone for participating!

    @wendi, i think it's wonderful perspective. don't ever lose that!

    @joanna, that sounds so incredible. definitely can't beat that.

    @imbie, oooh bali! can i just say i miss the secluded beaches of south east asia? aaah. i know what you mean about the non-touristy places.

    @meister, taiwan sounds lovely but i think just driving around with your special someone sounds even lovelier!

    @sweet casie, i've never been to CO but i can just imagine the mountains in the early morning, before the world wakes up, just giving you respite while you write. beautiful.