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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Thyme & Rosemary ~ Inspiration

Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Thyme & Rosemary
Roasted Chicken & Seared Asparagus

inspiration: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

as of late i've been uninspired. maybe it's allergies. maybe it's lethargy. it might even be because someone else is cooking and i'm just along for the ride. whatever it is, it's merged over to photography and crafting. i haven't picked up a crochet hook in months. i delete pictures on a whim. thankfully my rss feed is filled to the brim with awe inspiring goodness ~ of the cooked/baked or hand-created variety. i've taken a break. i attend demos. i watch free food photography sessions online.

i gushed over penny de los santos all weekend. i didn't watch every second of her course, but damn, the seconds i did watch? they moved me. they made me think. they made me feel. i had made plans prior to the whole hoopla to roast a chicken over the weekend, to put care into the bird and quite possibly, quite FINALLY, pose it accordingly to make a pretty picture. because i've roasted chickens before, to very satisfactory taste-results but the pictures? uninspiring.

it helps that the initial post for this recipe is so incredibly beautiful. *that* is an example of an inspiring read. *this* is an example of a sunday night dinner with my darling, complete with seared asparagus & kale chips.

i used lemon-thyme, which is even more lemony than plain ol thyme, and rosemary.
surprise surprise, i did not measure the liquids and just added what i had handy. it wasn't the end of the world.
i did not season with salt, it came out a lil bland, but again, not the end of the world.
the tomato butter was not processed into a smooth paste, rather, i just smeared it everywhere, chunks & all. not the end of the world, people.
save the pan drippings, could make for great gravy.
save the carcass to make chicken stock. you'll thank me for the reminder.


  1. Beautiful!! Roast chicken spells comfort to me. I feel happy just looking at the photos. Lemon thyme is superior but not easily available here unless we grow it ourselves.

    Carcasses of chickens always end up in my stock pot, the stock is then used to make the gravy for another roast chicken. Isn't the vicious cycle a good one?

  2. I love the garlic rosette. I've never thought to roast the whole bulb intact before. It looks pretty. As if it is the chicken's corsage. Inspiration and uninspiration takes over sometimes. Gushing over beautiful things certainly helps.

  3. Lan, I have one word for these photos - stunning.

  4. i've been feeling pretty uninspired too, lately. a lot of easy dinners (we're talking hot dogs and sandwiches) and not a lot of everyday photo-taking. i'm hoping warmer weather will change this.

    that chicken photo in the second row looks straight out of a magazine! gorgeous, lan. and now i have to check out that penny de los santos course i've been reading so much about! and roast a chicken. :)

  5. Seriously lovely pics as always!

  6. Love these images - and Love Penny!! YAY! I wish I could have watched her course this past weekend but was away. I think you may be onto something, here :)

  7. Penny's workshop was truly inspirational! Your chicken looks delicious and the photos are, well... marvelous! :)

  8. Wow, these pictures turned out beautifully!!! These are my favorites! I have never been brave enough to roast a whole chicken... but maybe I should give it a go?! I tend not to buy any meat, ever... not because I'm a vegetarian or anything... but just because I don't know what to do with it & it seems complicated!

  9. pickyin - thank you thank you for hte inspiration. and yes, pure comfort food, the chicken itself & what is made with the carcass after.

    bunnyeatsdesign - and that garlic rosette? it gets all sorts of soft & sweet, perfect to rub on some bread!

    wendi - thank you darling.

    jaqui - thank you, i hope you're able to check out penny de los santos for inspiration!

    aliza, photohogger, gourmantine & jen - thanks, you guys are too kind.

    linnea - don't be intimidated. i've roasted chicken a few times and they've always been great to eat... to photograph, that is a work in progress! :)