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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eggplant & Ground Pork Stir fry ~ magic hours

Eggplant stir fry

as a wannabe adequate food photographer i'm on the search for the elusive magical hour, the time early in the morning and the time just before the sun sets ... the time when the light is soft gold, diffused, warm & maybe even dream-like. it is rare indeed for me to rise with the sun, tho i love those hours before the world awakens, and it is impossible for me to make it home in time to put together a meal & present it before the sun departs for the day.

to console myself, i think of other magical moments that highlight my day: first sip of coffee, lunchtime walks with a coworker, a lovely note from an old friend, email threads, coming home to dw... moments that aren't usually captured in images but treasured more reverently. they hold a certain specialness not only because they occurred but because they happen any ol' time.

Eggplant & Ground Pork Stir fry

note: this is a simple, very easy and fast meal to put together; but the evening i made it i got into a fight with a small cafe website that was hosting a super secret, super special show by this guy and well... the magical hour for photography was fast passing but the moment i bought tickets for the show -- THAT was a victorious occasion that only my darling would think to capture on camera.

1/2 lb ground pork
3 long chinese eggplants, cut length-wise and then into bite size pieces
1" ginger, sliced
2 garlic cloves, minced
maybe 1/4 cup of oyster sauce
1 TBL corn starch
3 TBL cold water

heat up a frying pan and cook up the ground pork, you wanna ground it up small (or not, that's up to you). once that is all cooked up, add in the minced garlic and sliced ginger. make sure it's all sorts of fragrant and integrated in there. i personally like the ginger to be on the larger side so they're easier to fish out prior to plating or eating.

here is when i add in the eggplant, i don't want it to turn to mush but i do want it cooked all the way thru. throw in the oyster sauce, being sure to mix it all the way thru, coating everything. in a bowl, mix together the corn starch and cold water, then add to the pan. allow the sauce to thicken and serve with white or brown rice. garnish with cilantro or sliced green scallions.

*last note: you can actually use more water to make the sauce, it's up to you. i like having gravy/sauce to pour over my rice.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I just stumbled here and I'm in recipe heaven! I need to go browse everything now, because I'm excited.

  2. Hahaha, yeah, I'm a strictly "point and shoot no flash" kind of gal so some mornings you can find me crouching down by the sliding glass door taking photos in the early a.m. before work!

  3. Eggplant is so tasty, this looks great! I hear ya about magic hour - every photographer's dream. Alas sometimes we have to make do with what we've got! You are doing pretty well, though ;)

  4. I just came across your site and am enjoying the drool-worthy foods and engaging posts. Look forward to following you.

  5. Lan that looks so yummy delicious! Another thing - you are way more than an adequate food photographer - you are amazing! My favorite time to go running is in the evening at the golden hour... because I love seeing how everything glows... and then I wish I had my camera with me :o)

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  7. Seriously. Perfection. Picture AND recipe.

  8. sarah, thank you and welcome!

    aliza, oh the things we do for our art! :)

    photohogger, thank you!

    ricekernel, thank you and welcome!

    linnea, that means so much since you're such a wonderful photographer! and i love running (when i do run) during magic hour as well, and i too have lamented over not having my camera with me at times.

    amy, thank you!

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