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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pickled Eggs ~ unlikelihoods

pickled eggs
Pickled Eggs

i like eggs. i like pickles. pickled eggs tho? not something i ever thought i'd dig into.

further, unnatural colored foods, like blue slurpees or green beer? not a fan. PINK PICKLED EGGS? so unlikely to like.

surprises of all surprises? i liked these.

the thing about being a food blogger (i sound so cliched) is that it's forced me to eat or prepare foods i normally wouldn't. you know. like beets. rhubarb. soy sauce duck. bulgur wheat salad. ok you feel me.

i blame credit dw for these.

note: i used allspice powder, cus i was not about to buy yet another spice for the pantry. that's probably the reason why these eggs are not florescent pink. thank gawd.

taste: firm. tangy. sweet. (thx dw)


  1. Lan, there are some lines that I will not cross. Pickled eggs is one of those lines.

  2. wendi, your honesty is so refreshing. and i respect that. note to self: do not bring pickled eggs to wendi's as a gift, she will not cross that line and will break up with me.

  3. Never tried picked eggs...these looks so pretty! I thought they were Easter eggs! :)

  4. Oh, so pretty! And I'm glad to hear that you think they're tasty too. I've never had a pickled egg, but I'd be down. Even if it sucked, it would still make a good blog post ;-)

  5. Very nice, thanks for the information.

  6. I think I would like these pickled eggs. With pickled sausages. They look so cool, they would make great talking points at a party. Maybe quartered and served on top of a dab of mayonnaise on a cracker? Topped with bacon? Anything topped with bacon is good.

  7. My sister, Patty, used to make pickled eggs with beets for the color. Both were tasty.

    Maybe you could make some green eggs---with ham, of course.