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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chocolate Avocado Mousse ~ on vices


Lent comes to an end this weekend, and the two sacrifices i made will finally return to me. it has not been easy. i dropped the occasional bad word and i fantasized about what my first meat-filled meal would be. i can't say i spent this entire time reflecting, praying or even thinking about what jesus went thru during the 40 days he spent in the desert. no. i thought about when i could cuss and consume meat again.

that's just it with bad habits we try to break ~ we fixate on them. we find loop holes. (ahem. i had marshmallows.) and sometimes, we go back to them. i'm being dramatic, of course. there's nothing wrong with swearing or eating meat. they're not necessarily bad habits. however, i do believe there's room for improvement. i've found colorful and imaginative ways to express myself (WHAT THE MONKEY?!) and with dw's encouragement, alternative nourishment for my body. i am no stranger to tofu or veggies, but i am a hesitant and cautious student of most organic and whole foods. i dabble in the stuff, and he is taking my hand and walking me thru this foreign space. and how do i thank him? by re-introducing him to previously discarded vices: watching television.

personally, i enjoyed it. i love me some avocado and this was a lovely treat. dw liked it more when he added gobs and gobs of honey.

happy weekend, friends. any vices you want to share?


  1. You are so right. Loopholes. I gave up candy/chocolate yet somehow, chocolate chip cookies made it through.

    I'm ready to rejoin you on that meat wagon come Sunday.

  2. Whoa, this looks yummy.

    Yay for you for setting the goal, though. At the very least, you now have more gratitude for what you gave up!

  3. love the new layout of the blog!

  4. Worst vice: Procrastination. Worse still, I procrastinated thinking about what I was going to give up, so gave up nothing. Even worse still - kept missing Mass because I procrastinated getting out of bed. I have a problem. Will try the avacado mousse and ponder on how I can get around it.Later.

  5. ali, loopholes are what saved me during Lent season. what's weird tho, i still don't swear so much and i find myself scanning the veggie menu first.

    joanna, thank you and you are so right!

    claire, thank you!

    anna, i understand the art of procrastination. do let me know how your avocado mousse turns out!