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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2880 minutes

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

i know, most of the pictures i post in this here space falls into the food category, very infrequently the craft column and as of late (in the last year or so) the still life stuff, usually of the flower and sky variety. the first two, it's pretty obvious why, this is a food/craft blog. but the last? well. i like pointing my crappy lens at things that hardly move, ok? the subjects don't talk back,  and with such prettiness, can you blame me?

so, this is what happened in the 48 hours of my weekend:

+dw purchased wooden spoons & a basket from Ghana for me. he is so good to me. (SFB Crafts)
+ate funnel cake for breakfast. it's how i roll.
+performed interpretive dancing and possible kung fu fighting in a sculpture garden. again, it's how i roll.
+kneaded this bread.
+watched & cried over this.
+there was a soccer game. as well as Hanna.
+and of course, this song on crazy repeat.

tell me: darlings, what did you do this weekend?


  1. You captured the most beautiful spring sunshine pictures! The one of light coming in the window is very dream-like.
    This weekend I made a new recipe - curried corn and rice salad with golden raisins, cilantro, scallions. It was addicting. I also packed away my winter clothes and brought out the summer ones. yayyyyy

  2. Funnel cake for breakfast? Best idea evah.

  3. Such a lovely weekend you had. There's always room for interpretive dancing. My plan was to wait for the final HP film to be released on dvd so that I could buy the series as a set. I just don't know if I can wait that long. I'm getting choked up watching that 2 second clip.

  4. Fantastic pics, Lan! You have "the gift."

  5. I'm in love with your photo's. Especially that top one! Beautiful.

  6. Funnel cake for breakfast sounds amazing!

  7. I did what Ali did - waited for the new HP DVD to come out, then Husband told me he got it from Amazon, but with SLOW shipping! I'm doing a little jiggly dance waiting or it. Plus I had a love affair with carbs in the form of Indian roti.

  8. @foxflat, thank you, that was exactly my intention for the window shot. your curried corn & rice salad sounds lovely, will you be posting it soon?

    @wendi & linnea, breakfast of champs!

    @ali, you have strength girl, i could not wait for the set. that's why i have two copies of every LOTR movie, the regular version and boxed set verions...

    @dave & emm, thank you!!

    @anna, your indian roti looked gorgeous! i tried making it a few weeks ago, to abyssmal results.