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Monday, March 21, 2011

Roasted Zucchini, Chickpeas & Quinoa ~ Welcome

Quinoa Salad - Zucchini & Chickpeas

Lent is in full swing. to some people it's a time of reflection and sacrifice, 40 days of diligent remembrance of jesus fasting in the desert, enduring temptation from Satan, ending at Easter. in plain terms, it's the time right before Spring, those days where it's warmer than winter but still with a bite of cold. (at least here in these parts of MD)

in recent years i've welcomed Lent, giving something up or donating my time to a good cause. plus, seriously? spring is just around the corner! this year, i gave up swearing (this makes me calmer but trust when i tell you the words are bubbling at the surface) and meat.

Picnik collage

i made this quinoa salad on a monday night, wanting to make a healthy but filling lunch for the week because horror of all horrors, i'm also training for a half marathon. the fact that 1 cup of DRIED quinoa makes a butt-load (fyi: butt is not a bad word. neither is HELLFIRE & DAMNATION, both are in the Bible) of cooked quinoa makes me & my wallet happy. the original recipe calls for grilling the zucchini but i don't have a grill so i roasted them up. this is the most perfect in-between season dish, to say goodbye to winter, hello to spring all while still keeping within the guidelines of my Lent sacrifice AND half marathon training. take that Charlie Sheen! that is WINNING.

Roasted Zucchini, Chickpeas & Quinoa Salad
adapted from Dana Treat: Treat Yourself

*pls refer to original link for exact measurements, in true form, i didn't measure

1 15oz can chickpeas, drained
1 jalapeno pepper (actually i don't know what kind of pepper it was...), cut up
fresh lemon juice
olive oil
2 garlic cloves, chopped
smoked paprika
2 cups water
1 cup quinoa, rinsed well, drained (it is important to rinse away the bitter saponins before you cook with it. thx dw, you & your $5words)
kosher salt
3 good sized zucchini, bite size diced
ground cumin
half an onion, diced

combine chickpeas and lemon juice in a large bowl. add a splash of oil & garlic and stir to combine. allow to marinate at least 15 minutes and up to 2 hours. every so often i would mix it all up with a spoon.

preheat oven to 350F. place zucchini & diced onions on baking sheet. drizzle with a bit of olive oil. sprinkle with ground cumin, turmeric, and paprika, measurements up to you. toss to coat evenly. roast in oven for about 20 minutes.

meanwhile, in a small pot, add 2 cups water, quinoa, and salt; bring to simmer, sirring occasionally. reduce heat to medium-low. cover and simmer until all water is absorbed, about 20 minutes. (i cooked it up like how i would with rice...)

i let the quinoa and zucchini cool to room temp before mixing it all with the lemon-oil chickpeas. season with salt/pepper to taste.


  1. haha! I posted about quinoa as well! It's my favorite carb at the moment.

  2. I'm on a health kick too, big fan of quinoa. Keen to try this for work lunches.