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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baked Donuts & Orange Curd ~ Bonheur

Picnik collage

bonheur ~ happiness & good humor.

peanut butter & honey sandwiches.
baking together.
sunday spent in DC & at favoritest museum, holding hands.
a fulfilling Lent season, without the swear words or meat, but WITH contemplation and purpose.
baked donuts, covered in orange dust sugar and a side of orange curd.

donuts should be fried. that's not to say these came out badly, they just came out like bread.
the curd recipe had a slight tweak, 2 naval oranges were used, along with 1 lemon. (thx dw. you equals awesome.)


  1. This post makes me feel happy.

  2. those look good!
    i know what you mean about some foods needing to be fried, though. i've been doing three months of no deep fried foods (it'll be over at the end of this month) and it's amazing which foods you can get away with baking and which foods you can't!

  3. oh snap, i just shivered. you made donuts?!?! I actually had a dream about donuts. which is not unusual. And let me say - orange curd does not sound good but somehow you made it look goooooooood!

  4. Umm. Is everyone missing the elephant in the room? Or is it just me being nosy? :P

  5. YUMMY! And such a sweet post. Awww!

  6. really random but your spoon with the wavy edges looks lovely!

  7. looks amazing! makes me think of summer and the warm months ahead!

  8. ali, <3. girl, you just don't know. :)

    sm, why you would impose no deep fried foods is beyond me. now that i am meatless (and curse-less) for Lent, i order DEEP FRIED STUFF to balance my psyche out!

    bear, i promise you, orange curd is divine. slathered on a piece of toast brings sunny Sunday mornings with grandparents to mind.

    Chi WC, i love you. you always call me out.

    @hogger, :)

    @casie, no darling, you are! and you owe me an email soon!

    @janine, it's dw's. i was rifling thru his utensil drawer, as i usually do when i'm at people's houses and came across it. he didn't even know he had it! i should've swiped it. :)

    @claire, YES! exactly. summer and warm months ahead. :)