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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Angry Birds Project


for mi amor's birthday this year, i made her a live version of Angry Birds. it took me a week to create. originally, i had made rice crispy treats but when i constructed it, it was not strong enough. so i grabbed Little Debbie's Nutty Bars. success.

hit up the fanpage for deets (and longer video) or the flickr set for more pix.

special thanks goes to:
jesse for building the base & slingshot, as well as hosting the party.
dw for helping me build the thing & keeping me calm.
fernando for coaching nuria, otherwise we'd still be there trying to bring down those pigs.
brent for filming the occasion.


  1. hahaha that rules!!! Good work.

  2. OK, after the hours and hours of work I put in making the Hello Kitty cake pops, I'm in awe of this cake. Too much work! But as I've said before, I totally admire you for doing it.

  3. @foxflat, thank you! stressful to make sometimes but completely worth the effort!

    @chi WC, thanks. it's always so rewarding when the reception is so fantastical! :)

    @jen, thanks. :)