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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Picnik collage

mayhap you remember last year when i made fondant hello kitty cookies for a friend's 25th. for same said friend this year, i made hello kitty cake pops. as seen here. let's not try to make comparisons between the two versions, k?

materials used:
pillsbury moist supreme strawberry cake mix (don't judge me for using boxed mix)
pillsbury valentine's funfetti frosting
wilton's lemon yellow icing
red hots
fruit roll up
food writer edible color markers
wilton black decorating gel
cookie sticks (i also used lollipop sticks which were ok, but not recommended)
wilton melting chocolate/candy coats, in white
white chocolate chips for the ears
wilton pops gift boxes


what i learned:
making cake pops is messy work
use about 3/4 of the container of frosting
funfetti adds texture
overnight refridgerate the cake balls after you stick them
when heating up the chocolate, allow to cool somewhat. makes for coating the balls easier & less drip time
make the bows the night before. fold the fruit roll up into flat strips & cut into triangles. they're sticky enough, they'll cling to the red hots
use the melted chocolate to glue the bow to the head
save your $8 & nix the edible color markers. they suck ass
lastly, gluing chocolate chips to cake balls at 3am is hard work. there were some cake pops with lopsided ears, gives it a bit of... charm

they were a hit, visually & taste-wise. birthday girl was happy, dinner guests shunned the restaurant's desserts & i have 364 days to come up with next year's hello kitty treat. meow.

i'm going on a mental break from food blogging, but i'll still post randoms on the facebook page & tweet when i feel like snarking in 140characters.

in the meantime, try not to miss me...


  1. Lan, you continue to amaze me with your mad skills. These pops are precious.

    Can I put in a request for a Lan creation for my 40th this summer?

  2. Great job! So cute! I don't have the patience for these kind of things. But I sure do appreciate when someone else does!

  3. These are super cute! I first made cake pops in December and fell in love with them. Yours are irresistible.

    I used lollipop sticks for mine. What I did was first dip the end of the sticks in chocolate, let it sit for a second and then put the cake ball on it. That little extra bit of chocolate helped secure it to the stick.

    Also, I got a block of oasis and pushed the sticks into the block to let the chocolate harden.

  4. These are so awesome Lan. No wonder the newspapers are after you. :) xoxo

  5. Lan--how about Hello Kitty shaped Banh Bao???

    You MUST take pics of them if you do! :)

  6. So CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Love them!

    And hey, boxed mix is fine! I use it all the time!

  7. Oh my. Those are freaking adorable. And that tiny little milk bottle? Keeling over at my desk.

  8. These are absolutely adorable and perfect! I still haven't tried cake pops, but you have inspired me (although I'm guessing mine won't be nearly as cute).

    As for next year: maybe cupcakes? Or even a Hello Kitty cake? Smitten Kitchen did a monkey one a while back -- you could probably do something similar for the kitty head:

  9. These cake pops are adorable, have sent your post to my daughter, she is a big Hello Kitty fan and she is the baker in the family.
    Adorable, thanks so much, look forward to having a few.

  10. I am still in awe of these hello kitty pops! I almost didn't want to eat them. I kept looking at the little ears, the fruit roll up bow, the cute whiskers...but they were DEEELICIOUS!

  11. Gosh, these are super cute!! Great work; you're so creative. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  12. Adorable. Next up: Hello Kitty cupcakes? mmm...cupcakes...

  13. ZOMG, I am loving these. On the other hand I am sad that you are taking a blogging break (though, god knows I am prone to do this from time to time).

    Also, I didn't know you had a FB page!

  14. love this! looks amazing!
    nice blog!
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  15. to all, i have been remiss in not responding. for that, i am so sorry. i hope i'm making it up to you by visiting each of your blogs directly & reading thru your sites and being a proper commenter again.

    thank you thank you thank you and THANK YOU for visiting.