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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guest Blogger: Made with my Bear Hands & Lemon Chess Pie


i am so pleased to present my first ever guest blogger. bear is a dear friend who started her own food blog a few months ago: Made With My Bear Hands. we spent saturday afternoon cooking together, catching up & basically being assclowns. i made shepherd's pie and bear created this lemony tart dessert. please do check out her space, she's awesome.

My grandma's lemon chess pies were my FAVORITE dessert when I was growing up. As soon as I hugged her and let her pinch my cheeks, I would run to the kitchen and devour a lemon chess pie.

These little tarts are baked to a golden, cripspity (crisp+buttery) brown. Mmm-mmmm! (shudder)

I loved these tarts so much, I ate a day. Turns out, when you eat that much citrus, your body can't handle all of the acid. Sooooo I broke out in an intense skin rash and felt like my body had sunburn from the inside out. I was freaking out and had to confess that I had eaten six lemon tarts. Did I mention it was August in North Carolina? bueno. My mom had to sit me in a cold bath until I cooled down.

What did I learn? Absoluty nothing. I was back to eating lemon tarts the next day.

I made these lemon chess pies for Lan and a few friends. It was like a trip down memory lane....without the unattractive hives.

Grandma - I miss you but your legacy lives on :)

Lemon Chess Tarts
4 lemons
1 stick margarine
2.5 cups sugar
6 eggs
16 tart shells

Lightly beat eggs, add sugar and beat lightly. Add 1 stick of melted margarine. Add juice of lemons and stir. Add grated rind of about 2 lemons and a pinch of salt. Pour into shells and bake 30-35 minute at 350F.


  1. I love grandma stories...especially when they involve tasty treats.

  2. Instead of a wedding cake, my husband and I picked out an assortment of wedding pies from a local pie bakery. It was my first time trying lemon chess and it's been my favorite ever since.

    Thanks for sharing your Grandma's recipe, Bear. It's good to know there are others who think there's no such thing as "too much of a good thing." I would have polished off six, too.

  3. First - thank you Lan for the inspiration to start a blog and now guest blogging :)

    @Wendi - thanks! My Grandma stories usually involve food (as most of my stories do ;)

    @Ali - I love that idea! It's so creative and different from traditional wedding cake. Yummm now I'm thinking of a sea of pies on a table.

  4. It seems like a lot of eggs but I cannot wait to try. I love lemon dessert. Yum!

  5. @Jackie - It does seem like alot of eggs but it makes 16 pies so if you want to make 8 pies just cut the recipe in half. Happy baking and bearing! :)