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Thursday, February 3, 2011

banh bao - baked & steamed

Picnik collage

january wasn't a good cooking month for me. my heart wasn't in it. february is shaping up the same way. it's nothing bad, it's actually quite normal. when it gets frigid outside, i'm a lazy ass. i'd rather be snuggled under my flannel throw, reading or watching tv. further, i'm combatting a cold that just won't quit.

today is the first day of the new lunar year. finally, the ferocious Year of the Tiger is done, and the calmer Rabbit is taking its place. i have vowed to make 2011 more enjoyable, more positive and shit if i'm not about to kick some fucking Rabbit ass.

bring it sister.

Baked or Steamed Bánh Bao

my filling was leftover wonton filling that i had in the freezer. that tip about rolling the filling in flour prior to being wrapped in the dough: Golden. don't skip it.

i also used adult eggs, quartered, because i wasn't about to make a special trip for quail eggs, as cute as they are.

for the dough, i used light cream. it's what i had handy. it was my first time using self-rising flour. i did end up adding a few tablespoons of flour to un-stick-ify the dough.

i don't have a steamer, i had to macgyver a colander and pot. take that Fancy Steamers!

to bake, i preheated the oven to 350F and baked these parcels for about 20 minutes, until golden. if you think about it, egg wash would be good. i wasn't thinking.

these freeze well, wrapped individually. just pop in microwave for about 2-3 minutes & you've got breakfast.

happy new year, may this year be a lucky one, with good health and prosperity.


  1. I would love to pack a few of these in a Gladware container and bring them with me to work. I'm getting really tired of instant oatmeal.

  2. Hope the year of the rabbit treats you right. I say send that tiger packing.

  3. Happy New Year - those look great!
    First visit to your blog; will be back!

  4. Hi There,
    Just stumbled across your site--love it. Your writing definitely puts a smile to my face. :)
    Happy New Year!
    ps. I am SOOOO over that damn Tiger, too!!!

  5. hello happy new year and i hope the year of rabbit is gg to turn out great for u! the baos look really interesting, ive nv seen a hard boiled egg in baos before! (:

  6. If you fried them too, you'd hit up all the preparations. :P

    Happy New Year dearest! May you get anything your heart desires.

  7. ali, they make the best breakfast treat. mainly because you can heat them up in microwave, sit in your car as you wait for it to warm up & chow the eff down on them.

    wendi, done & done girl!

    photohogger, thank you & welcome. please do come again & often.

    nam, welcome! i'm so glad you enjoy my space.

    michelle, hard boiled eggs in banh baos are what i'm used to, they're common in the vietnamese version. it wasn't until i was much older did i try the ones with bbq pork.

    chi WC, i MUST fry them now! :)

  8. Can I just bake them in the oven or did you steam them first?
    Thanks for the recipe! =)

  9. alanna, you can do either or, but not both to the same bun. i either baked the buns or i steamed them.