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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chocolate Challah Ball


are you ready for another failure? prepare thyself. this is my SECOND attempt at making this stuffed challah ball, only this time filled with chocolate. i tried the 4 braid look, i used whole wheat flour, and i used chocolate ganache (massive mistake, btw).

oh my heart is kinda wounded over this. it was dry. it was grainy. i suppose it tastes alright, if you're big on dry and grainy.

i used the bread bible's challah recipe, pg 516.

i may break up with the braided ball method. hell, i may break up with baking bread for awhile. a heart needs mending. excuse me while i go sulk.


  1. Do not break up with bread.


  2. Lan, sorry that stuffed challah let you down again. But don't give up on bread entirely.

  3. It looks delish! We're thinking your photos are delicious enough! Gorgeous! Can't wait to meet you Friday!
    Kristin and Chris Ann

  4. Sometimes we all need a break. But bread loves you, don't abandon it forever!

  5. Then your pics are incredibly deceiving. Because my inner carb monster is growling something fierce.

  6. It loos gorgeous though! But maybe a break will do you both some good, give yourself time to miss each other. That happened to me with focaccia bread (the EASIEST bread ever, and I stuff it up) I took the failed focaccia to the park and not even the ducks would eat it. So your bead looks super yummy, and I'm sure you're your own worst critic :D

  7. I hate when that happens! I have not problem laboring over something, but to labor over something and have it be a disappointment sucks.

    Don't shy away. Just go back to a tried and true bread you like to boost your morale. Then tackle that challah again. I didn't notice the recipe called for whole wheat. Did I miss that?

    When life gives you a dry loaf of bread, make bread pudding. Literally. :-)

  8. shanna, thank you. :)
    skm, just a break darling!
    wendie, sigh. i won't. not for long anyway.
    lovefeast, thank you!
    jennifer, i promise, it won't be for long! so good seeing you saturday, btw.
    ali, i siriusly love your comments. thanks.
    anna, you are so sweet. i'm thinking i will attempt foccocia soon. we'll see how that goes!
    dp, i tend to switch out AP for whole wheat, which might be the problem...