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Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocolate Brioche ~ Don't Call It Comeback


if you recall, last week's bread baking fiasco caused me to take a breather from bread baking. just to be clear, this was supposed to be a BREAK, not a break up. (did you hear that Rachel Green??) this "break" may have just lasted a week, but it was a serious time of Reflection, with hopes of Redemption. this weekend, i chose to make nice by baking brioche.

i jammed to dance music, you know, to pump myself up. and you better believe i had me some Ms. Britney Spears in the mix... she is the queen of comebacks. little girl was a teen princess, cheated on a boybander who cried a river over her, married a back up dancer and STILL managed to make a comeback, complete with a Glee episode of her own. if she could do it with mediocre songs, why couldn't i with flour?

cus i'm not Britney Bitch.


it wasn't a complete Failure, but bread baking and i? we're not going steady.

Chocolate Brioche Recipe

i just added a few chocolate chips in the dough balls. it didn't rise as much as i wanted it to, i baked the bitches at 15 minutes and they were uber brown already. the taste was good, yes, but oh. i'm all about the presentation too.

imma go back to sulking now.

well played bread baking. well.played.


  1. Lan's gonna take the bread baking world by storm...and she's just gettin warm.

    If they taste good, I think that's an automatic win.

  2. Your recipe looks like it turned out lovely to me, and I'm sure I would have eaten like 3 of them. My first thought when I saw your pictures - it's like pain au chocolat!

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  4. awww, I no the feeling. Bread is sometimes no fun!

    Nevertheless, these still look damn tasty.

  5. ali, not taking the bread baking world by storm just yet... still on a breather...

    Linnea, thank you, they were tasty so i will give them that.

    Taz, thanks, you understand!