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Friday, December 3, 2010

oh, hello December


my 2yen on a few things:
  • december is my favoritest month, despite the cold
  • roses are much easier to pipe than you'd think
  • i am still not a fan of icing
  • one cake decorating course done, two more to go
  • offset spatula is an underrated tool
  • the rotating cake stand thing = Best decorating accessory
  • try not to lick your fingers clean of icing as you're decorating, that's disgusting
i've been researching the Kindle & Nook, trying to make a decision on which i want to invest in. for a decidedly decisive person, i am being very indecisive. Kindle is kinda sorta pretty much winning right now tho... thoughts anyone?

have a loverly weekend, stay warm.


  1. Looks like cake decorating 101 was a success. And you get to eat the work when you're done.

  2. that cupcake looks very exciting!

    it makes me think of sea anemones. i'm guessing that might not have been the direction your were planning on going with that... but it's awesome!

    what was it for?

  3. Awww. It's so cute to see "Angry Asian Creations" written out in icing.

    Nice piping, Lan! That cupcake looks really cool.

  4. I'm a Kindle loyalist, and highly recommend it. I've had mine since they first came out and carry it everywhere with me. It's light, which makes it very easy to read in bed. Unlike reading on my husband's iPad, there's no glare. I'm sure the the Nook has similar features, but I'm happy with my Kindle.

    I know you can read books for free on the Nook when you go into B&N. That will never happen with me. I prefer to read in the comfort of my own home. And the Kindle store does offer some free books.
    I download free ones every few weeks.

    And I completely agree with you about the offset spatula. To think, all those years I was trying to spread frosting with a butter knife!

  5. Impressive icing, Lan! I can only manage "snow scene" icing!

  6. nice work! i am very impressed!

  7. @wendi, very successful, i'm looking fwd to the next class in feb! and i never eat what i make, i bring it in for my coworkers! :)

    @sm, i forget the tip # but it's supposed to be some sort of flower. we were learning about how to handle the icing bag and proper pressure use etc.

    @ali, i was pretty psyched to ice out the words. it's seriously the little things that i make me happy!

    @dp, thank you so much for the feedback, i've been grappling for the longest time btwn the two and i've finally decided on the kindle. :) it probably won't be until after my trip/holiday but it'll eventually be mine...

    @quasi, it's the off-set spatula and the cake turner. it works MAGIC.

    @claire, thank you!

  8. Looks like cake decorating 101 was a success. And you get to eat the work when you're done.