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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bacon Toffee


exactly one year ago today my braces were removed. before that, for 18 months 1 week & 6 days i couldn't eat something like this, at least not without breaking a bracket or hurting the chompers.

i made these during turkey weekend, as part of my giveaway package. i even bought a new thermometer on black friday for the occasion. i sorta followed this recipe by a dork & his pork. i say sorta because i ix-nayed the almonds and used heath bar crumbles instead. it was on sale at Target and i ran the risk of SNORTING it if it wasn't used right then & there!

and i mean sorta because i didn't follow the rules. i wasn't present. my friend melissa was coming over any minute, i was mixing wonton filling in one bowl and rolling out apple molasses cookies and well... one second it was 275F and then the next, jesus in the kitchen, it was effing 310F. i grabbed the handle fast and as a result touched that one small metal part and BURNED a finger.  plus, there's a slight burnt aftertaste to the toffee.

so kids, just listen to jeff and be present, be there, act accordingly and try not to harm yourself. my redeeming save: i had the silpat-lined cookie sheet ready.

verdict: it tastes like a heath bar. with bacon. a few coworkers didn't dig it and i'm ok with that. thank goodness i don't have braces anymore, bacon pieces between the tracks would've been so unattractive, yes?


nuria gifted me the kindle & my first official buy will be the heart is a lonely hunter but any recommendations?


  1. GAAA! bacon and chocolate... u know, I've been seeing the combo everywhere lately, and I still have yet to try making it... need to soon b/c that sounds like my kinda treat!

  2. Bacon. Toffee.

    BACON toffee.

    I mean...does it get much better than bacon toffee?!?!

    I have GOT to try this soon. There's really no way around this. Lan, have you really done this to my life??

    Oh, and braces are from the depths of Hades. Congrats on your one year of sheer, smooth-toothed bliss!

  3. unusual, but i reckon i could eat it...

    I'm not good at suggesting books, however if I had a Kindle, i reckon i would get me a few cookbooks.

  4. Lan, I could sit and eat an entire bag of Heath Crunch bits. Add bacon and I would be in heaven.

  5. Tasted great to us! So happy we received a bag in the giveaway package -- fiancée polished it off many days ago. Not surprised, given his affection toward bacon. Burning yourself in the process (ouch), seems like something I'd do.



  6. Hellz yah! This is my kinda combo :-) I'm going to attempt to make toffee in a few days for holiday gifts. Wish me luck, you pro toffee maker, you!

  7. oh, braces. 3 years of my life and limited access to delarciousness like this bacon toffee. i feel your pain champ.

    I am curious about this bacon toffee - where is the bacon? Is it in it's truest form as a strip with toffee drizzled on it? I am getting a little too excited right now. Looks bangin with a capital B!

  8. Karen - it's become quite popular, this combination, yes? and i'm glad i've finally sampled it.

    amy - have fun making this, but remember to follow the rules!

    deb, i think with regards to cookbooks, i would still rather the physical book as opposed to the kindle-edition. but i sure am enjoying the hell out of my kindle tho!

    wendi - you & i: bacone, heath crunch bits & wine date. avec alan rickman soon.

    heather - i am so very glad you enjoyed the bacon toffee!

    cathy - good luck! just be present and pay attn to the temp!

    bear - when i took these pix, they were the end/edge pieces, i had already packaged up the middle pieces for shipping. the bacon was crumbled and added to the toffee mixture prior to pouring on the siplat & heavily concentrated in the middle.

  9. Lan, I could sit and eat an entire bag of Heath Crunch bits. Add bacon and I would be in heaven.