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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Asparagus Soup ~ On Disappointment


disappointment is a funny emotion. as a kid i always said that i'd prefer the disappointed pep talk over an ass whopping. then as i got older & entirely too old for said ass whopping, peter employed the icy silent treatment, the type of silence that was laced with crushing disappointment; that left me slightly relieved that i was spared the lecture but also exasperated as i speculated on how long this particular treatment was going to last. i think back on those times now and i know now that i was affected by it, no one likes being ignored, least of all me and in retrospect, it was effective because you bet your ass i didn't make the same mistake twice (well except for the period in time where skipping class was a daily thing...)

so this asparagus soup made an appearance over the weekend, when the weather finally started acting like autumn, when it was slightly dreary and the breeze that came thru the living room had a cooling edge to it. i wanted a vibrant color, green to counteract the grey of the evening, but what i ended up with was more of a fatigued green, drab and not too appetizing. i allowed the apples and onions to brown too much while i chopped up the asparaugs stalks so it darkened the soup. i'll work faster next time, promise. but despite the disappointing color, it still tasted lovely, light and with the added tang of the creamy goat cheese, i'd say it still came out successfully. nuria who is not a fan of asparagus liked it enough to have for lunch the next day.

Asparagus Soup

1/2 onion, diced
a bundle of asparagus, chopped, tips included
1 apple, diced (i left the skin on, FIBER people!)
veggie stock (or chicken or beef stock)
basil, a few stems worth
pinch of salt
goat cheese for topping

in a bit of olive oil, cook up the onion and apple until translucent (or until it's practically caramelized like i did...). season with a pinch of salt. add in the asparagus and stock, bring up to a gentle simmer, by which time the asparagus is cooked thru. add in the basil leaves and puree until smooth (or whatever consistency you want it to be). serve with a blob of goat cheese on top.



  1. I see that we were both in a soupy place over the weekend. Love the apple asparagus combo.

  2. i don't think the color is weird at all! it looks delicious!

  3. @Wendi, i've been using apples to help me season stews and soups for awhile. it's like an unsung seasoning hero. to me.

    @LimeCake, thanks so much! i realize now that asparagus just isn't the vivid green that i imagine...