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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Roasted Beets Soup


let me be clear, i only discovered beets this year. i always associated the vegetable to russia (not that i have anything against russia, i did take Russian History in college and used it as an ELECTIVE my sophomore year). and have mercy! the bleeding mess it makes! but i like it. it's sweet. it's got bite to it. it holds up to a great deal of heat, taking forever to soften, yielding only when treated with kiddie gloves (seriously, wear protective gloves when handling this veg). with such characteristics, is it a wonder that i am falling in love with it?

Roasted Beets Soup

roasted beets (3) (just plop in oven at 350, wrapped in foil, and cook until fork tender)
veggie stock
milk or light cream (optional)
squirt of lemon
olive oil

heat up olive oil and saute onions until softened. throw in the garlic. with the beets, dice them up and throw into the onions/garlic mixture. season with salt/pepper. cook for another five minutes, then add in the veggie stock, bring to a simmer. gently puree the mixture until desired consistency. to finish, garnish with cilantro and squirt with some lemon juice. you can add some cream or milk if you want it creamier.

the night of, i served it warm but for lunch the next day, i had it cold. either was equally delicious.