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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pasta with Sardines


confession: i've a love for sardines in tin cans. you know those little tins next to canned tuna and salmon in the canned meats aisles at the supermarket. my grandfather introduced them to me. sometimes for breakfast, he would slice up a small white onion and fry it in a bit of oil until translucent. and then he would open up a tin of sardines in tomato sauce and throw it in the mix, careful to keep the flesh of the small fish in tact. then, finally, without even transferring the food onto a plate or into a bowl, he'll set the hot pan on the table, telling me gruffly to mind the hot rim and to not burn myself. he would hand me a hunk of french bread, the soft inner flesh torn out first and i would dip it into the red sauce. of course, he would admonish me for leaving crumbs or dripping the sauce all over me. he would spoon feed me pieces of fish, sometimes i'd get a mouthful of bones that would just melt with the slightlest pressure from my tongue, they were so soft.

and so began a love affair with tinned sardines.


Pasta with Sardines

spaghetti or angel hair pasta
tin of sardines (i used the ones in olive oil)
diced small onion
juice of half lemon
red pepper flakes to taste

boil/cook pasta to your taste preference

in a pan, heat up some olive oil from the can and saute the diced onions until translucent. when warm thru, add the sardines. i broke up the pieces, but not too the point of mush. heat thru.

drain pasta when done and mix in pan, making sure to coat the noodles with the oil and fish. to serve, i juiced the lemon over top and added the red pepper flakes.

it was loverly.