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Monday, August 2, 2010

Into the Mystic


[photos: old school chevy in dmv parking lot. otakon was in town! vineyard hopping. ncr trail. homemade chocolate ice cream. the swell season at Rams Head Live. into the mystic.]

it's sunday evening, my living room window is wide open to let in the august breeze; it ruffles the stack of scrapbook paper i have on my coffee table. tho i am tired, i am content. i just spent a whirlwind weekend, going at the speed of light and barely holding on. what was supposed to be a leisurely saturday morning turned into an almost full day at the mva. what was supposed to be a mellow concert show, turned into an eye opener of an experience, one that brought me to tears and made me feel.

i vineyard hopped and was close to god's country today -- did you know that the stretch of I-83 that connects MD and PA is spotted with rolling green grass, blue skies that stretch far beyond the eye can see but the mind's eye? oh the infinite possibilities that eye can see...