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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

colors bold & bright - Words on Canvas


sometimes big k and i go thru stretches of not talking to each other -- not like we're fighting or anything, i don't think in the thirteen and a half years we've known each other have we ever beefed, but things happen where we don't drop the daily email or text, where the time slips by us and wow, we went a week without chatting! because Life occured and well, there just isn't enough time in the day to goof off together. but when we finally do talk, it's like no time has passed. clich├ęd right? that's ok, because with a friendship as sweet as ours, a bit of trite, overused expressions is forgivable.

as a graduation present i put her favorite band's lyrics on canvas. notorious for being indecisive, big k could not give me any idea as to which DMB lyric she liked best so i did the deciding for her. tho the song theme is sad, the words of the last two stanzas resonate with how we choose to live our lives -- separately and together.