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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Homemade Spelt Ravioli ~ New Beginnings

did i ever tell you the story of how i came to live with my grandparents? i won't go into the back story, it's rather maudlin, a little indulgently war-ridden, and lord have mercy if Oliver Stone ever caught wind of this plot; we do not need another Vietnam War movie, thanks!

instead, i will start with from my earliest memory, i was always in my grandmother's arms, it was always my grandfather's hand that held mine as we walked to school. i started doing complicated addition in first grade, fractions and long division in second grade, all because of my grandmother. my grandfather painted my tricycle, which he found in a dumpster, fire-engine red, and then walked up and down the steep hill tirelessly to watch me ride it, all the while smoking his cigarettes. yeah, i was that kid who lived with a much older couple and their youngest son who was still in high school. during a time when they were just about finished raising their children, they had to begin all over again and raise me. peter was in college and in no state to be a single parent. so the child rearing went to his parents and to this day, they are the only people i would not hesitate to obey.

so i was one of their new beginnings. i've been thinking about beginnings lately. how exciting and daunting they can be. you'd think i'd be an expert by now, having moved around so much when i finally did start to live with peter, globe-trotting. but when i sit down to think about it, i still catch my breath: i'm single. for the first time in a really long time, i'm not attached to anyone. it's scary. it's nice. and i'm enjoying it.

last week i decided to give ravioli making a try again, this time with an ingredient i'd like to use more often, kinda start a more healthy approach to pasta-eating and possibly baking.

i used this recipe for the ravioli pasta. i made a simple ricotta stuffing, mixing in dried thyme, lemon juice, salt/pepper to taste. i topped with a thinned out pesto sauce i keep on hand now.

it was light, it was eye opening, it was easier than i imagined. just like how all new beginnings should be.

photo credit: some pix taken by Nuria, who is becoming quite the photographer. be on the lookout for some of her snaps. :)

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  1. yesssss! and your pictures are gorgeous. GORGEOUS! Here's to new beginnings. Hope they're all as beautiful as this one.